It may be interesting here to allow members of your community to be able to register for the next event via an Eventbrite or Doodle type form . Satisfied China WhatsApp Number List their place and frustrated absentees will not want to miss the next deadline. You know it: you are not the only ones to organize events .

Your customers and prospects are solicited from all sides and are fully aware that an event generally has a commercial purpose.For your event to be a success, it doesn’t all depend on promotion. Your event must be a quality event and bring added value to the participants.

Take care to think about what your event can bring to your target audience and to find the formula that will allow you to stand out from your competition.

Promoting an original event is child’s play. Promoting a wobbly event may work once but the next time you will be alone at the meeting …

What drives people to share content? This is one of the key questions you need to ask yourself before communicating on Facebook and social media if you want to achieve your goals.

To fully understand what drives Internet users to share content and thus implement the most relevant actions, the Fractl agency investigated the motivations of Internet users to share content on Facebook and summarized the results in an infographic.

48% of Internet users share content that will appeal to their friends.
17% of Internet users share content around their areas of interest.
13% of Internet users share content to convey an emotion.
11% of Internet users share content that will be useful to their friends.
These first figures underline the importance of writing with high added value if you want it to be relayed on a large scale on social networks.

Show Originality

Communicate! Now that you’ve got Pokemon Go players around your store, you’re going to need to grab their attention. For this, you will have to set up Pokemon Go-oriented communication actions using the various levers at your disposal: social networks, point-of-sale advertising, street marketing or even commercial operations.

For this, you can offer discounts related to Pokemon Go or contests. On social networks, for example, you can indicate that some rare Pokemon are located near your store.

Here it is up to you to use your imagination and creativity to hold the attention of Pokemon Go players and convert them into customers.

How to become Pokestop?


So you have understood it: to use the game for marketing purposes and thus attract more customers thanks to Pokemon Go, you must imperatively be located next to an arena or a Pokestop. Don’t have an arena or Pokestop near your store? No problem, you can request it!

To become Pokestop or at least request a Pokestop near your store, you must complete a form available on the Pokemon Go site. After a few days, you will know if your request is accepted and if you can quickly become Pokestop.

With Pokemon Go, attract customers and catch them all!

Key figures to remember from this infographic
69% of Facebook users believe that sharing content helps them stay in touch with their friends.
Women are 26% more likely to share content more than once a day on Facebook than men.
5% of Facebook users share more than 4 times per day.
43% of Facebook users avoid posting controversial topics and 90% avoid sharing political content.
Sharing content on Facebook, a question of image!
32% of Facebook users share content to develop their personal brand image.
62% of Facebook users avoid sharing content that is negative for their image.

Why Do Internet Users Share Content On Facebook?

With Pokemon Go, players roam the streets at the option of Pokemon, arenas and Pokestop. Pokemon Go is a real opportunity for traders to attract new customers to the store.

Locate your store on the Pokemon Go cardAs we saw in the introduction, in Pokemon Go, the player goes on the hunt for Pokemon, arenas and Pokestop. In Pokemon Go, arenas and Pokestop are strategic points that players inevitably need to head to.

The first step for you is therefore to locate your shop on the map and verify that it is located near an arena and / or a Pokestop on the Pokemon Go map. If you’re lucky, it might even be that your store itself is an Arena or Pokestop.

Attract Pokemon To Your Store…. And the customers!
As we saw in the presentation of the game, Pokemon Go contains in-app purchases. Thanks to your Pokepoins, the currency of the game, you can buy items that will allow you to attract Pokemon: lures and incense.

Lures allow you to lure Pokemon to the nearest Pokestop for 30 minutes. If your store is a stone’s throw from a Pokestop or if it is a Pokestop itself, you naturally understand the value in your sales.

Now that you have located your Pokemon Go card store, you need to attract players. So, nothing could be simpler: use lures and enjoy the flow of passers-by heading towards your store! To buy a lure: click on the Pokeball, go to the shop and select a lure.

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