With the Internet, purchasing behavior and the expectations of IT decision-makers have changed dramatically. Forcing you to Turkey Email List sales strategy. In this study, discover the expectations of the IT decision-maker. To be taken into account for an effective marketing strategy. Marketing strategy – the expectations of the IT decision-maker. In this study carried out by CMIT and IT Social, we note that only 53% of IT decision-makers are content to consult the content of a supplier to learn about its offers and expertise. 80% of IT decision-makers prefer to stay informed by contacting their peers directly – competitors, partners, or customers. In other words, to win over the IT decision-maker, you need to turn your best clients into ambassadors.

The information sources of the IT decision-maker for your marketing strategy. IT decision-makers get information offline. As we like to remind our clients regularly, an effective marketing strategy is a strategy that includes a digital part but also offline actions. The CMIT study tells us that 73% of IT decision-makers appreciate finding out about a supplier within business clubs. 66% of IT decision-makers appreciate trade shows, 64% like to have a one-to-one meeting with the supplier, and 62% participate in a supplier event such as breakfast or open house. And IT decision-makers get information online! Offline actions are very useful for attracting the IT decision-maker who already knows you a little and who has finally identified you as a possible solution.

How does the IT decision-maker find out about a supplier?

For decision-makers who do not know you, it is essential to conduct online Marketing actions to grab their attention from the start of their buying thinking. B2B lead generation stats. 61% of B2B decision-makers start their buying thinking on a search engine. The Internet plays a preponderant role in the buyer’s thinking in B2B, especially in IT where the decision-maker is naturally more connected. We note in the study that 60% of IT decision-makers appreciate finding out about a supplier on social networks. 42% also like to get information via Emailing. Note that only 18% of IT decision-makers favor telephone requests…! What marketing content does the IT decision-maker appreciate viewing in the purchasing journey? The marketing content was consulted by the IT decision-maker in his purchase reflection.


The trend here is very clear: the IT decision-maker expects your Marketing strategy to offer him content that is objective and that really helps him in his buying thinking. 72% of IT decision-makers appreciate consulting expert opinions and feedback when considering purchasing. 62% like to read white papers and 60% like market research. Do you want to build a marketing strategy to seduce the IT decision-maker? Discover our Guide to Inbound Marketing for Innovative Companies! 56% of IT decision-makers appreciate consulting the supplier’s website. In the end, it is quite low here, but it is due to the fact that the majority of B2B companies are still content today with putting a showcase website online…!

IT decision-makers need to be reassured

Your marketing strategy must also be very visual to appeal to the IT decision-maker who favors infographic, video, and webinar-type content. Who is the preferred contact for the IT decision-maker to discuss? key contacts for the IT decision-maker in the purchasing journey. If you manage to grab the attention of the IT decision-maker with your Marketing strategy, you will be able to get an appointment. Make no mistake and allow him to meet the right person. Only 52% of IT decision-makers appreciate interacting with the Sales Director and 45% with the Marketing Director. On the other hand, 65% of them appreciate a meeting with the General Manager. But the important thing to remember here is that 78% of IT decision-makers appreciate talking to a Product Expert.

As an innovative and technological company, your products are complex and the IT decision-maker does not always easily understand the added value. It is important that your Marketing strategy allows him to get in touch with a product expert who will be able to answer the questions he asks himself throughout his purchase thinking. Posts correspond to the theory and we refine over the weeks according to the performance. We sometimes find that writing fewer blog posts generates more leads. If you do not analyze your stocks, you are therefore taking the risk of investing much more than necessary. You are not ready. Just as it is essential to analyze a signed contract, it is essential to analyze a failed B2B sale.

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