When his own collaborators have difficulty seeing him on important subjects? Chance can help you but, at a time Mexico Phone Number List tracking on your website abound, what place do you want to give to chance in your sales prospecting actions? The ideal scenario: Open a door, meet a decision-maker, present your solution to him while having understood his problem and follow up with a commercial proposal. Unfortunately this ideal description does not come up too much and the reason is quite simple: you do not take into account the maturity of the buyer – his position in the buying journey – in your sales prospecting strategy. To prospect, stop mass e-mailings.

Without a precise segmentation approach and a complete reflection on the issues of your target, the salesperson’s email list can quickly look like a long series of copy / paste. The only modifications being the modification of the e-mail address and the name of the recipient and this, regardless of the type of prospect addressed. Once very useful, the prospecting email often ends up in the trash before it has even been opened. Worse yet, overly aggressive e-mailing can result in a poor score from ISPs . In this specific case, your reputation as a sender is damaged and your e-mail will be sent directly to the SPAM category. Sending hundreds of copied / pasted emails from a contact database.

Specific Reporting For Your Entire Campaign

That has been rented or purchased is irrelevant: the recipient has not agreed to receive your communications, so they will not be receptive! To prospect, stop the trade shows. The meeting at a trade show is the privileged moment to meet, discuss and advance brands of interests into opportunities. Here again, the calculation of the performance. Between the duration of the show, the resources present on site and the entry ticket. Must be taken into consideration. In summary, calculate the ratio between the cost of your presence at this show and the number of clients that you will actually sign. You will thus be able to define the cost of customer acquisition via this sales prospecting technique.


Apart from the contacts whose intentions you clearly identify towards your company. Other visitors only see a part of you: your kakemonos, your videos displayed on your screens and all the other decorative elements only speak about you. Your brand and your products. Taking the time to present your services to visitors to your stand without knowing their intentions is like making an unqualified meeting . The chances of achieving something concrete are, once again, quite low. To prospect properly, focus on quality over quantity. All of these commercial prospecting techniques have one thing in common. They are all based on a logic of volume of contacts to be processed: volume of calls to be made, volume of doors to push in the field.

When You Are An Innovative Company!

The volume of emails to send and finally volume of prospects to meet at a trade show. It is ultimately natural to fall into this trap: the traditional prospecting levers seen in this article have lost their effectiveness. You therefore have two alternatives here: either increase your efforts tenfold or modernize your sales prospecting strategy. Many companies choose to prospect more in order to earn more. But unfortunately, this is not a relevant view. To go further, you can also promote your content by advertising on search engines, social networks and sending weekly newsletters. At the end of your Marketing Automation campaign, we strongly recommend that you analyze your performance. You no longer have an excuse not to do it since your Marketing Automation tool will automatically generate.

That they are missing out on opportunities due to – I quote- holes in the rack. To generate prospects and win customers on the Internet. It is however essential to be able to measure the returns and the relevance of your actions. There are two points to understand in order to measure your Digital Marketing ROI. On the Internet, Return on Investment is not just about direct sales. It is important to measure the performance of all of your Digital. Marketing actions to have a precise and global vision of your ROI. To properly measure the ROI of your Digital Marketing, here are 3 blunders to stop now. Action… without an action plan! When it comes to setting up Digital Marketing actions that benefit the company.

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