They are looking for a relaxed approach. Which invites them to enjoy the moment without major complications. To the enjoyment of the ritual of having a beer. Thus being highly identifi by the audience. Even with something as simple as a slice of lemon. Hence its great success as a brand. In selling Poland Phone Number List an experience. More than a product. It also chooses to be a brand with purpose. Creating programs that promote responsible drinking and a healthy lifestyle. Contributing responsible consumption to your brand identity. Thus having a differential value compar to your competition. Corona campaigns have gone far beyond the product itself. It appeals to the customer’s emotionality.

His fears and desires. His belonging and shows him that any time and place is a good time to enjoy the ritual that represents the consumption of his beer. Old Spice Case Old Spice Poland Phone Number List Case This brand. Belonging to the Gillette group. Has one of the most creative Marketing strategies for Companies in recent times. With a very well defined Target Audience . Which allows fluid communication with it. This company has managed to get 34 million views on youtube. Countless mentions on Facebook. Twitter and in the most

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Important press in the US in one week in its “Old Spice Man” campaign. This well-remembered strategy from the year 2010. Posed the former American soccer player and actor Isaiah Mustafa appearing on television during the Super Bowl broadcast that year. As the “Old Spice Man” wearing only a Poland phone number towel. It had a total of 186 videos. In which “The Old Spice Man” gave advice and questions asked by users on Twitter. Humor is one of its great resources. As well as the use of impeccable audiovisual technology. Something equally remarkable is the link that is established with the client by allowing their

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Participation. Making the customer feel like they are part of something gives them a sense of belonging which eventually translates into conversions . Conclusions We can see that the main aspect that all these success stories have in common is that the Marketing teams always aim to achieve a bond with the client. Either from seeing the needs that until now had not been seen. Completely personalized experiences. Humor. Aspirational Poland Phone Number List approach or selling an experience and belonging. And it is that a key aspect in Business Marketing . Both to hook the potential client and retain him. Is to create a connection with him and thus turn your project into another success story.The case study about achieving Max Performance in moneyme. First you have to know what Money Me is. It offers personal information

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Quickly and easily and offers the option of having an electronic credit card. Whose business objective is that loans allow lenders to grow profitably. In this way. Users become loyal. This causes a growing portfolio of products and therefore the development of innovative products. In this way the value earned by the Poland Phone Number List loans is maximized. Since the challenge that is set is known. The approach that moneyme developed together with the agency was to make multiple creative pieces. Including videos. In this way the proposal was shown on different channels. This generated confidence among consumers and tech savvy. The campaign focused on promoting new personal loans and made it its flagship product. Google’s smart campaigns were used. And after positioning they

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