Your story must appeal to your audience. Remember. If you can’t properly convey a relevant story then your product or service is not going to appeal to your audience. If you are a content Lithuania Phone Number marketer. You need to learn how to deliver a great story to your prospects. Once you learn to tell a good story. Your audience will attract to you. And. They will turn into leads. Your leads into customers. And your customers into happy customers. Philip pullman said: “after nourishment. Shelter and companionship. Stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

We connect with stories emotionally. In the beginning of this article. I told you some quick facts. Right? They look impressive. But do you connect with them emotionally? And there is a chance you will forget these numbers by the time you finish this post. Right? People don’t remember facts. They remember stories. Lithuania Phone Number It’s easier for us to recall stories than facts. Watch this video to know more about the science behind storytelling. You have probably read seth godin’s words. “marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make. But about the stories that you tell.” you need to think about what emotion you want to communicate and then craft your story to support the emotion. 

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According to scientific american: “stories stimulating positive emotions are more widely shared than those eliciting negative feelings. And content that produces greater emotional arousal (making your heart race) is more likely to go viral. This means that content that makes readers or viewers feel a positive Lithuania phone number emotion like awe or wonder is more likely to take off online than content that makes people feel sad or angry.” see this visual to know how storytelling affects the brain: storytelling for connect with your audience image source: seopressor if you want your content to go viral. Make it emotional. Make it positive. And embrace storytelling. Storytelling is crucial to your content marketing strategy. 

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How to create an engaging story (a magic formula) now you understand the importance of storytelling. You need to learn how to create an engaging and appealing story. I’ll discuss 3 Lithuania Phone Number key elements that make up a story. These elements will help you prepare for effective communication that inspires others to act! Elements of an engaging story: character drama resolution first element. Character. Every good story has a compelling character. And you need to craft the whole story around this character. The character is a connection between you. And your target audience. 

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You need to choose a character which your audience can relate to easily. For this. You should always listen to and understand your audience’s needs and problems. Second element. Drama. Set a drama which fits your prospect’s problems. Needs. Or buyer’s journey. If it doesn’t fit. How will they connect? If Lithuania Phone Number you want to have a better idea. Spend some time understanding your buyer’s journey and their problems. Storytelling is all about what you’re telling and a little drama or conflict helps to build an emotional bond with your audience. Remember. Your story must have some drama but don’t over do it. Make it genuine. The last element is resolution.

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