Your objectives will therefore be to do everything to get your website listed on the first page of Google results and to gain as Albania WhatsApp Number List networks: the better you will be positioned in the search engines and the more fans / subscribers you will have on them. social networks, the more people you will attract to your website.

As soon as you draw crowds to your website, you will have to do everything to convert visitors into prospects, turn them into customers and retain them. This is what this conversion tunnel illustrates. We cast a wide net and tighten the vise. Now let’s see how to make your business known on the Internet in concrete terms.

When I launched my web agency, I told myself that I was going to target VSEs / SMEs in my region. That’s all. Over the failures during my prospecting but also according to the first appointments obtained, I realized that I had to define more precisely my target and personalize my message.

Do you want to promote your business? Ok, but to share it with whom? This question, trivial at first glance, in fact conditions the success or failure of your business.

With the Internet, your consumers have become accustomed to receiving ultra-personalized communications and to viewing only content corresponding to their expectations, issues and areas of interest.

If you do not know your target, you will not be able to communicate effectively, deliver your message and therefore promote your business on the Internet. And the best way to define your target’s profile is to put yourself in their shoes. Really put you in his skin!

For this, you can use the Persona Marketing method which consists of building the typical portrait of your target by imagining their entire life:

Define Precisely Who Your Target Is

By answering all of these questions and all those that go through your head, you will be able to describe a typical day for your target. This will give you a better idea of ​​what communications to send, when to send them and where to send them. This is a fundamental step in making your business known on the Internet.

Promote your business on the internet determine your strategic keywords. To get your message across and make your business known to your target audience on the Internet, it is important that you speak the same language as them.

This will not only allow you to make yourself understood but also improve your ranking in search engines. For that, you will have to identify some strategic keywords. Keywords are the words your target uses to search for you on the internet. Concretely, you must ask yourself what request would enter your customers to find the solution that you bring them, your products, your services.


Important point: in France, a search engine query contains an average of 4 words. It will therefore be important that your keywords contain this number of words on average.
What is your target called?
How old is she?
Is your target married?
What is his job ?
Where does she live ?
What issues does it encounter?
What does your target think about your products/services?
What are their areas of interest?
How does she get information?
What social networks are your target using?
To identify my strategic keywords, I use a 3-step method:

I list all the keywords that I think are relevant.
I check that the competition is not too tough.
I check that the search volume is interesting.
List the relevant keywords

Promote Your Business On The Internet

It could not be easier. You take an Excel sheet or table, you make 4 columns: a vital keywords column, an important keywords column, a secondary keywords column and a column to mix everything together.

Vital keywords are the words that are essential to describe your business. Are you a baker / pastry chef? The vital keywords will be “bakery”, “pastry”, “viennoiserie”, “baker”, “pastry chef” …

Important keywords are words that provide relevant information to the consumer. This could be the location of your business, a product category or even a specific brand.

Secondary keywords are words which alone give no indication of your activity or business but which allow you to complete the demand of your customers. “Cheap” can be a secondary keyword. A district of your city too.

Once you have listed the keywords in these 3 columns, you will mix them in the 4 th . Here is what it gives for the example of our baker: promote your business on the internet. Check the competition on your keywords. Now that you have identified the keywords to promote your business on the Internet, you need to check that you will be able to rank well on the first page on Google. The competition should not be too stiff. To do this, nothing could be simpler: all you have to do is enter each of your keywords and look at the number of results there are.

How to be visible on Google
For my part, I consider that a keyword is too competitive when there are more than 1 million results. Ideally, a keyword should have less than 100,000 results for me on Google to be able to easily position myself on the first page. Here, for our baker, the keyword “boulangerie Rouen gare” seems appropriate.

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