Recruiting a marketer is a pivotal step for a start-up and it should not be missed. Problem? As a start-up, your Suriname Email List act quickly to continue your growth. To help you, here are the 10 essential skills for a start-up marketer. If you want to recruit a marketer, it is undoubtedly to pursue rapid growth and meet the demands of your investors. You have no time to waste, but you cannot go wrong. I work with a lot of start-ups who are regularly looking for marketers and I realize that they encounter the same difficulties. First, it is the CEO who manages the recruitment.

Very often, he has an engineer profile and does not have the Marketing background necessary to distinguish the excellent marketer from the average marketer (or even from the impostor! Then, the start-ups are in a hurry. They must recruit very quickly to consolidate their growth and then increase it to meet the strong demands of their investors. Recruitment is indeed a major challenge to take up after fundraising. Finally, start-ups compete fiercely to recruit the best marketers. The problem here is that Digital Marketing training is new and therefore experienced marketers are not running the streets. However, as a Start-up, you must recruit an autonomous marketer. Who takes initiative and who will know how to build the perfect strategy to accentuate your growth.

A crucial issue for a Start-up

Another problem, as a start-up, you must recruit a marketer who masters all the levers of Digital Marketing. But the training being recent and rather rare (I’m talking about good training!), Experienced profiles are not running the streets. To help you meet this crucial issue for your start-up, here are the 10 skills that you absolutely must find in your future marketer. The 10 essential skills for your future Marketer. Mastering Lead Generation. This is arguably the most important skill for your start-up. If you want to recruit a marketer, it is to strengthen your growth. This inevitably involves acquiring new customers. Your marketer should therefore know how to do everything to make your website a lead machine.


Attract as many qualified visitors as possible and convert them into qualified and mature leads that he will pass on to Sales. New call-to-action. Know SEO. SEO – Natural Referencing – is essential for your start-up. You need to gain visibility and attract more qualified visitors. However, 61% of B2B decision-makers start their buying thinking on a search engine. If your website does not rank well on Google, you will not achieve your goals. This is one of the main challenges for the marketer of an innovative company. Know how to write web content. On the Internet, content is ROI. You must have heard this punchline many times. Writing content is vital for the growth of your start-up.

You have to recruit quickly and well

It’s the content that attracts new users, it’s the content that allows you to generate leads and it’s the content that allows you to convert them into clients. Writing web content cannot be improvised. Your future marketer will need to have an exceptional digital pen and know all the hacks to write optimized content. Mastering Email Marketing. Emailing is an essential lever to fuel the buying thinking of your leads . As a start-up, you inevitably evolved in an immature market. Most of the leads you generate on the Internet are therefore not ready to buy. Before sending them to Sales. You must feed them into their thinking to bring them to maturity by sending them quality Emailings.

Mastering Community Management. Social networks are essential to gain visibility and generate leads. To strengthen your innovative positioning, your start-up must be present on social networks. Your marketer must know how to identify the right social networks, publish in the best way possible on each of them and have an ROIste use of social networks. Have Commercial Sensitivity. Today, Marketing is nothing without the salesperson and the salesperson is nothing without Marketing. For your Digital Marketing strategy to be effective, it must inevitably be thought out and carried out in collaboration with the sales department. Marketing and Sales alignment is essential for your start-up , your marketer should be aware of this. Know how to analyze good data.

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