None of them thought objective … Before creating a website, it is important to validate certain points. The most important Greece Phone Number List into prospects. With Marketing Automation, you have the possibility of setting up. An efficient conversion funnel on your website that adapts to the nature of your visitors. You have no visibility on your ROI. Ah, ROI and Marketing… a very complex love story! If you are one of those people who thinks that it is impossible to measure. Marketing ROI effectively or worse. You think that Marketing ROI is a myth. I am prescribing Marketing Automation for you. Here too, the issue of ROI comes up very often in the companies we meet.

It often comes from the fact that you carry out Marketing actions on the Internet by multiplying the tools. And sometimes without having a documented strategy on which to rely. Building relevant reporting then becomes an impossible mission. You must connect to each of the tools you use to extract performance in order to enhance them in a more or less readable way. In this situation, it is very difficult to avoid the holes in the racket. With Marketing Automation, you have the ability to manage all your Marketing actions in a single tool and generate global reporting in one click . You lack the time to communicate well. After each training session or conference that I host around Internet Marketing.

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I have to answer the same question: “It’s great, but how do I do all that?” We are already overwhelmed by our daily lives! “. Let’s be clear: if you want to generate leads on the web and convert them to customers in a matter of days, this won’t work. Internet Marketing takes consistency and patience. However, Marketing Automation allows you to automate a large majority of your actions. There is of course time to allocate to the configuration of your Marketing Automation tool but once done, the mechanics just work . An example that we often give to our customers: this summer, we went on vacation for 3 weeks in August. Before leaving.


Before the Internet and social media, you had control over information. Now the buyer himself goes in search of the information he needs to make his decision, thereby gaining power. How can you turn this paradigm shift into an opportunity? By following this 4-step method! Inbound Marketing to make your website a customer machine. Let’s be frank: changing buyer’s behaviors and expectations has enough to destabilize more than one. However, this is an exceptional opportunity to review your methods of business prospecting and attract the buyer to you rather than chasing them . How? ‘Or’ What ? By applying the Inbound Marketing methodology. Inbound Marketing consists of applying a series of techniques.

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And using a variety of tools to personalize your sales process by supporting your prospect in each phase of their purchasing process : from identifying a need to the comparison of possible solutions, up to the decision-making. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps 4 steps to support your prospect in their purchase thinking. To meet expectations and adapt to the behavior of the modern B2B buyer , the seller must no longer sell but support. The objective here is to prioritize prospects who are active in their purchasing process to allocate the time saved to the personalization of your sales prospecting actions. The idea is to personalize all your communications (e-mails or telephone).

Taking into account the profile of your interlocutor to build a relationship of trust with the buyer. The Internet and social networks have changed the behavior and requirements of buyers. Either you adapt by contextualizing your approach, or you increase your efforts for uncertain results. For this, we apply the Inbound Marketing methodology to commercial prospecting: we speak of Inbound Sales. Now let’s take a look at the Inbound Sales methodology in 4 steps: How to prospect well with the Internet and social networks – Inbound Sales. Identify the typical profile of your ideal client. The first step of the Inbound Sales methodology is the identification (Identify): it consists in identifying in detail the typical profile of your ideal customer.

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