Marketing Automation is more than a marketing automation solution. Well used, Marketing Automation will allow you to multiply the sources of ROI. Here is Singapore Phone Number List to switch to Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation to reduce the length of the sales cycle. In B2B, the buying process often seems to drag on and on. Between the moment the buyer realizes the problem he is encountering and his purchasing decision, it can often go by months. The reason is simple: the buyer takes the time to check if his problem really needs to be resolved, he then identifies and compares the solutions with his definition to finally retain the most relevant.

The buying process does not end there since at this stage, the buyer seeks to ensure that he is making the best decision before committing. In this situation, it is important that you feed the buyer’s thinking to show them that you are really looking to solve their problem and that you are the best option. But now, sending quality content to each of your prospects can take hours! With Marketing Automation, you have the ability to configure scenarios and message sequences that allow you to automatically send content to your prospects as it progresses in the buying process . We’re talking about Lead Nurturing. By using Marketing Automation to fuel buying thinking, you’ll save time and make decisions faster.

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This will significantly reduce the length of your sales cycle. Marketing Automation to improve your conversion rate. Today, you attract a certain number of visitors to your website from which you generate a certain number of qualified prospects. The ratio here is your conversion rate. Often, companies that want to generate more leads with their website think they need to increase the number of visits. This is not wrong and it is math. However, the conversion rate is another variable to act on to generate more qualified leads on the Internet. With Marketing Automation, you can create intelligent Call-to-Action buttons whose display adapts to your visitor’s profile and to their progress in their purchase thinking.


In other words, intelligent call-to-action lets you deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Not bad for converting, right? Marketing Automation to retain your customers. Marketing Automation is recognized for its strike force in terms of lead generation. But Marketing Automation goes much further. Marketing Automation, as we have seen, allows you to feed the thinking of your prospects according to their progress in the purchasing process. This feature is also very interesting for measuring and improving the satisfaction of your customers. Very often, the companies I meet tell me that they don’t have time to ensure their customer communication. They just send them an invoice and give them a phone call a few days before the end of their contract.

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In this situation, the loyalty of your customers lies solely on the quality of your products / services. With Marketing Automation, you have the possibility of configuring an alert system allowing you to take notice in real time of weak signals that may ultimately result in customer dissatisfaction. This allows you to pick up your phone before it’s too late. In addition, Marketing Automation – via the devious concept of Lead Nurturing – also allows you to regularly send content to your customers to improve their experience: the right message, to the right person, at the right time! Do you want to go further and speak in person to the interests of Marketing Automation for your business? Let’s plan a 15-minute phone conversation!

It’s a collaborative plan where you are both on the same side of the table, after gaining their trust during the connect and explore phases. Indeed, by going through the information discovered, you are able to make a commercial presentation which respects the stage of the purchasing process of your prospect and which perfectly meets his expectations. In summary, this phase of recommendation to your prospect must include the following steps: Summarize your previous exchanges. The idea is to (re) confirm that the context is still the same and that the objectives are well understood. Make a concrete proposal on your ability to support your prospect in achieving their goals. This is the culmination of all the work you have done from the start.

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