Even with all the tools previously described, communicating on the internet and social networks takes a lot of time. Want to earn some? Many ? Here are Portugal Phone Number List in productivity: Because communicating on the internet and social networks is also a team effort, Slack is the tool you need to avoid wasting your time reading unnecessary emails. This is Slack’s vocation: to suppress corporate e-mail!

With Slack, you can organize your discussions in the form of Channels and chat as if you were in an instant messenger. Slack also lets you share documents and all that for free. If we ever get the chance to collaborate together, there’s a good chance we’ll do it with Slack!

Always to promote teamwork, Trello is a free tool that allows you to create tasks, to assimilate them to your collaborators and to classify them in the form of tables to follow the progress. For example, you can create 3 tables – To Do, In Progress, Done – to monitor the progress of your projects.

Evernote is my favorite tool for note taking. Very intuitive, Evernote allows you to organize your notes and share them effortlessly. With Evernote, your notes follow you everywhere and you can consult them on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

IFTTT is a magical tool and there is no doubt that it will take on an enormous dimension with the appearance of connected objects. IFTTT is a tool that allows you to automate certain actions according to others. Textually, IFTTT means “If This Then That” or in French “Si This then That”, you see?

IFTTT is compatible with most of the tools presented above. For example, you can send a tweet every time you tag an article under Feedly. You can plan to automatically share your articles as soon as they are posted on your blog … The recipes are endless, use your imagination!

Free Tools To Increase Productivity

Social networks are essential for good communication. Companies have realized this and have embarked on it with varying degrees of success. What makes successful businesses on social media different from those that fail? Here are the 5 essential elements to communicate well on social networks.
I regularly run trainings and conferences around communication on social networks. Before each of them, I ask the participants how they see the job of Community Manager.


Very often, they tell me that this job consists of logging in from time to time on Facebook to post publications. I force the line a little but overall, they do not imagine for a second that it is necessary to write a strategy to communicate well on social networks. A documented strategy is the key to success on social media. Whether it is to know exactly where you are going, to precisely identify your objectives or to welcome new employees, you must write a strategy to communicate well on social networks.

There, you are certainly wondering what to put in your strategy? Don’t panic, here are the 5 essential elements for a good communication strategy on social networks. 5 essential elements for success on social networks. Your communication strategy on social networks must start with an inventory of your business:

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Who are your competitors?
What are your values?
How are you perceived by your customers and prospects?
What are your goals ?
This step often seems unnecessary, but it is actually the foundation of your communication strategy on social networks. By answering each of these questions in your strategy, you will be able to determine the broad lines of your communication strategy on social networks.

Community Manager Process

Define your audience
To communicate well on social networks, it is important to know who you are talking to. Gone are the days when you sent mass communications hoping to get feedback: flyers, phoning, mass e-mailing… All these actions no longer work! Today, your customer no longer wants to be bothered in their daily life by your advertising messages. He prefers to go and find the information himself, especially on social networks.

However, he is overwhelmed by information and so you should do everything you can to grab his attention and convince him to trust you. For this, the success of your communication will directly depend on the quality of the content you publish.

Quality content is content that meets one or more of these vocations: entertain, inform, educate, provide solutions. Knowing precisely the expectations, needs, issues and interests of your audience is therefore essential. For that, I recommend that you work on your marketing personas.

Select the right social networks
The mistake not to make when starting out on social media is having your eyes bigger than your stomach and creating accounts on every social media outlet out there.

It’s a safe bet that you will not have the time and the budget to communicate effectively on all of these social networks and you should know that it is more disabling to have an inactive account than not to have account at all. To select the right social networks, you will need to answer the following two points: What financial and human resources do you have available to communicate on social networks?
What social networks are used by your audience?

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