Social media have become essential to a good marketing strategy. However, to use them effectively, it is necessary to fully. What is Czechia Business Email List of social media, published a very precise definition of social media: ” Social media refers to all the services allowing the development of conversations and social interactions on the internet or in a mobile situation. Social media allow you to establish a dialogue with your community, and therefore a concrete relationship; Media make it possible to develop social interactions (“like”, “retweet”, “sharing”…) revealing a commitment on the part of a. Social media allow you to communicate with your community at any time, even when on the move.

In the age of smartphones and tablets, your target is perpetually connected and therefore always likely to receive information. Need to dig into the subject in-depth? This book is essential: Social media, social networks, are they the same or not? There is a certain subtlety between the two and many people, even informed, continue to confuse the two concepts. Social networks are indeed only part of social media: Facebook is a social media, just like this blog or any forum. Fred Cavazza always publishes each year a very complete panorama of existing social media: Main social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Social sharing media: they are used to share any type of content, in public or on one’s network (photo and video, music, etc.).

What is Content in 2019?

Networking social media: they are used to create and develop a network. Linkedin and Viadeo, for example, make it possible to create a professional network. They are therefore very useful in the context of a B to B activity. Social media for discussion (messaging): they allow discussion, instantaneous or not, between their members. The best known of these is undoubtedly Skype. Forums are also discussion media. Publishing social media: they are used to publish original content, articles, reports, tests… these are mainly blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogspot…). Collaborating social media: these social media like Slack allow you to collaborate remotely. They are particularly widely used in project management. The (fundamental!) Concept of community on social media. Since the start of this article.


I’ve been talking about community, but what is it? The community should be at the center of your social media strategy. Indeed, she is the one you need to please, she is the one who will allow you to achieve your goals (more visits to your website, more sales…). The more engaged your community is, the more chances you will have of achieving your goals and therefore of a satisfactory conversion rate. Concretely, a community is a set of people developing social interactions, exchanges, and discussions around the same center of interest, a character or a brand, on all social media. Thus, my personal community includes subscribers to my Twitter account, my Linkedin contacts, my Pinterest subscribers, Instagram, my Facebook contacts, etc.

Definition of a community on social media

To properly handle the concept of community on social media and benefit from its full potential, it is essential to understand the 90/9/1% rule. 90% of your community listens to you (sometimes barely …), 9% takes part in conversations and 1% engages (the famous social interactions!) There are 9 types of social media engagement: The mass: all social media users, almost everyone. Inactive: they like your page, are subscribed to your Twitter account or your Youtube channel but never, or very rarely Passives: they simply take notice of your publications that appear in their news feeds. Clickers: they click on your publications to find out more. Share: they share your publications. Commentators: they comment on your posts.

Contributors: they create content around your brand, your image. Animators: they participate in the animation of your community, intervene with other members to provide them with information. Ambassadors: they intervene on social media for your brand. They stand up for you, advocate for you when you have negative comments. Ambassadors are the spokespersons of a brand. Why use social media? What is social media for? I can’t count the number of times I’m asked this question when I start social media training. The question today should no longer be ” What is social media for?” “But rather” How to use social media well? Social media is a must. A Marketing strategy that does not integrate social media these days is clearly not optimal.

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