Sander decided to stop as a presenter and to focus entirely on his podcast that he has with his school friend Jaap. In the newspaper Tubantia he said: “I’m going full for the podcast, you can earn serious money with it. It is the only medium (…) that is growing significantly.” As the research conducted by the University of Groningen revealed, the Dutch are also willing to pay to listen to a podcast. You can arrange this via a crowdfunding platform, for example.

Give Baby-Boomers What They

Through such a platform people can easily sponsor you for an amount per month or per year. It is often small amounts which makes the threshold low. And by offering sponsors/donors Uganda Phone Number extra that ordinary listeners don’t get, you quickly cross that threshold. What matters most is that you offer extra value. There are many more So much for the 5 most important revenue models to link to your podcast.

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Want and You Will Retire Rich

And here are a few more. Because linking merchandise, paid guests in your podcast, podcasting for the broadcaster (for example, you can submit your pitch to NPO or BNR), linking events, affiliate marketing, building a community and so on are ways to monetize your podcast directly or indirectly. So, do you still think it’s not possible to monetize your podcast? Doesn’t seem like it to me, right? I myself believe that there is no shortage of money.

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