Unfortunately, in the field, the practice is very often different: here are 4 situations that we encounter in companies Portuguese Timor Email List Marketing and Sales. This is an important thing to keep in mind when identifying your initial goal. How’s it going? You have a revenue target for the year. From then on, you can determine how many customers a salesperson needs to bring back each month. Depending on your conversion rate, you can define the number of leads a salesperson must manage to gain that volume of customers. This number of leads is the objective of Marketing. Sometimes we come across companies that have a goal that is simply unachievable in the state.

Financial, technological, and human resources do not allow Marketing to generate enough leads for Sales. As a result, the two services are under pressure and relations are deteriorating. It’s a rich man’s problem, but a problem nonetheless. If you are a salesperson using traditional prospecting methods, you know the difficulty of securing qualified appointments. The subject discussed may therefore shock you, but it is a reality. Sometimes the Leads generated by marketing are too numerous for salespeople to properly handle. If you are in this case, you must: Define the maximum number of leads a salesperson can manage. Automate actions with lower added value using a Marketing Automation solution. Be more strict in qualifying leads.

Marketing Cannot Generate Enough Leads For Sales

To support you in this reflection, here is the lead management matrix that we use for the agency. And our clients: the lead management matrix to convert 3. Sales reject certain Leads transmitted by Marketing For various reasons. It can happen that leads are judged to be of poor quality by salespeople. Does that remind you of anything? To prevent these contacts who have reached the desk of the sales team from being abandoned, a justice of the peace must be found who will organize a Smarketing Meeting, a regular meeting between Marketing and Sales. To align Marketing and Sales and continually improve your SLA, these meetings are essential.


Understanding why the business rejects Marketing leads on the one hand and why Marketing passed on unqualified leads to Sales will allow you to build an optimal SLA and optimize your conversion rate. 4. The Leads generated by Marketing are all of the poor quality What could be worse than generating leads that are of poor quality? We could blame the leads on the assumption that they didn’t understand our products and services. Unfortunately, this is what we often see on the ground. In fact, you have to turn the problem around: it is not your leads that are of poor quality, it is the various messages that you have sent that are.

Marketing Generates Too Many Sales Leads

You generate the leads you deserve! To generate qualified leads that are mature enough to be converted by salespeople, it is essential to write quality content that responds to the questions and expectations of your target throughout their buying journey. Marketing Passes Leads To Sales Too Early aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue The buyer leads alone between 65% and 90% of his purchase thinking. Concretely, the buyer accepts to come into contact with a sales representative only after having made his general decision. In other words, the salesperson must contact the buyer only once it has reached maturity. However, more than 70% of leads generated on the Internet are not ready to buy.

Very often, we meet marketers who pass on all the qualified leads they generate to salespeople without taking care to measure their maturity. When the salesperson calls, things get stuck! To avoid this error, it is important to set up a Lead Scoring system to measure the qualification and maturity of a lead according to a series of characteristics defined between Marketing and Sales. Here, Marketing Automation is your best ally! Want to convert your leads faster and more often? Check out our Marketing Automation guide! Internet and social networks allow the buyer to be completely independent in his purchase thinking. It has all the information it needs to make a relevant decision.

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