Too many companies separate the marketing department from the sales department. They work Macedonia Email List are even sometimes – voluntarily or not – put in the competition. However, the buyer requires Marketing and Sales to work together to meet their expectations! Aligning Marketing and Sales delivers real benefits. According to a study by Hubspot: Marketing and Sales alignment results in a 10% increase in turnover. Marketing and Sales alignment increases Marketing ROI by 208%. Do these performances make you want? Here are 7 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Work Together to Generate Leads! The first thing to do to generate qualified leads is to define. The typical profile of your ideal prospect: we speak of Buyer Persona.

Too often, the definition of Personas is entrusted to the marketing department who works them alone in its corner. However, the sales department has a say in the definition of Personas: its field experience is essential to define what a qualified prospect and a mature prospect are. Marketing and sales, therefore, need to jointly define what characterizes a qualified and mature lead, as well as the characteristics of a “bad lead”. Understanding the buying journey of your Personas is essential to generate leads and convert them into customers. What are the issues they encounter? How do they get information? How do they look for solutions? What content are they viewing? What social networks do they frequent? etc.

Define The Profile Of The Ideal Prospect

The marketing department and the sales department must have a precise and similar idea of ​​how the buyer conducts his thinking and the events that lead him to make his decision. Create Content Adapted to the Purchasing Path. The buyer conducts between 65 and 90% of his buying thinking alone, mainly on the Internet. It is therefore essential to create web content that answers the questions that the buyer asks themselves throughout the purchasing journey. Here too, the sales department is all too often left out, which means that the majority of the content created is not used to generate leads and convert them into customers. The marketing department. And the sales department must jointly define the content to be created to meet the buyer’s expectations.


Here, the salesperson can share his field experience with marketing by communicating all the questions that prospects ask him according to their level of maturity. Do you want to take stock of your content strategy? Take advantage of a free 30-minute audit! Feed the Buyer’s Thought. 73% of the leads you generate on the Internet are not ready to buy. If Marketing transmits the leads generated on the website directly to salespeople, that cannot work! Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. This is often the reason why sales reps fail to convert marketing leads and this error can even lead to tension. Together, the marketing department and the sales department can work on sequences of emails.

Identify The Purchasing Path

To send to leads to deliver quality content to them moving them forward in the buying journey. 75% of buyers expect a salesperson to send them content that allows them to feed their thinking. Optimize Lead Management. You got it: marketing generates leads, qualifies them, brings them to maturity, and passes them on to the salesperson who converts. That is ideal. Naturally, the salesperson will not be able to convert the leads that are sent to them. The lead management matrix to convert. The mistake not to make here is to throw these leads in the trash! A lead that is not converted, unless it is really poor quality. Needs to be passed back to marketing so that it continues to “work it on the body

I meet many salespeople who leave a lead aside to recontact him a few weeks/months later if the latter has told them not to have a project for X months. However, a break in the sales cycle often means the loss of the deal! Share Data. The generation of qualified leads is a strategy that must be constantly optimized. The sales department must therefore regularly send feedback to marketing on the quality of the leads and in particular the reasons why a lead has not been converted. It is important here that the marketing and sales departments share their data to optimize actions. I sometimes see companies in which the user rights are in the CRM.

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