It follows a purchasing process in 3 stages ranging from awareness of a problem to decision making through the evaluation of solutions. No more Germany Phone Number List visits. To grab the buyer’s attention and convince them to trust you , you need to do everything you can to fuel their thinking and show them that you are the best . This inevitably involves sending personalized communications. This is where Marketing Automation makes sense, allowing you to do it in an automated and contextualized manner. How to modernize your commercial prospecting in the age of the Web and Social Networks? Download our free guide now! New call-to-action. It’s not the great love between Marketing and Sales

Do you feel tensions between your marketing and your sales department? It is urgent to switch to Marketing Automation! Very regularly, we meet with companies in which the Marketing and Sales departments are quite distinct. And it shows. In these companies, we notice that the Marketing works in its corner to try to generate qualified leads. Which it then transmits to the salesmen who try to convert them, very often in vain. Alignment between Marketing and Sales is a crucial issue. The problem here arises from the fact that the two services do not agree on a common definition of the ideal prospect: what are the characteristics of a qualified prospect? how do you measure its maturity?

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With a Marketing Automation tool like Hubspot , Marketing and Sales work under one tool. And that greatly facilitates things. Your sales cycle is endless. In B2B, the sales cycle typically lasts weeks or even months. For our customers, mainly innovative companies, it is very common for the duration of the sales cycle to exceed 6 months. If the sales cycle is so long with our customers, it is because they must attract the attention of a buyer who is often unaware that a new offer like the one they are proposing exists. If you work in B2B, you are bound to be faced with this situation or one of the following. The prospect does not understand all the added value of your offer.


The prospect is not interested in your field of activity, they are simply looking to solve a problem they are encountering. In these situations, we don’t have to sell anymore: you have to help. The challenge here is to deal objectively with the problems and needs of your customers in order to gradually (and subtly) confront your offer . To do this successfully, you need to know your customer inside out and follow their progress in their buying thinking. You are not converting your prospects into customers enough. Your salespeople are scrambling, stepping up their efforts to obtain a volume of interesting appointments but they are unable to convert? It is most likely a question of timing!

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As we have seen, the buyer leads the majority of his buying thinking on his own. The buyer no longer accepts the solicitation of a salesperson before being at the decision-making phase . To convert a prospect into a customer, he must be mature. In other words, the salesperson must contact the prospect at the right time and with the right speech. The major problem with traditional sales prospecting is that the salesperson has no way of measuring a prospect’s maturity before they make contact with them. To do this, when he finally manages to initiate a dialogue with his prospect, he must impose a real questioning on him. Don’t you think that it would be better.

If the sales rep just focused on converting qualified and mature leads? What would you think if I told you that with Marketing Automation, you can qualify your prospects, bring them to maturity and send them to your salespeople at the right time, all automatically? Your website is not generating contacts for you. You have invested a large amount in the creation of your website but it does not bring you any contact? It’s frustrating isn’t it? If that can reassure you, you are not the only one, far from it! Generally, the companies that ask us for this issue have called on a web development agency to create a website that is beautiful, fluid and pleasant in its navigation.

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