If you are asking yourself the question, it is because today you forward all the marketing leads that you generate Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List not work, right? Or you are lucid and that’s great. Because no, it is important not to pass all marketing leads to salespeople if you want to convert them into customers. If we keep it simple, by definition, a Lead Marketing is a person who has shown an interest in your brand following a Marketing action. A Lead Marketing can thus come from various channels: he has downloaded a document on your website, has completed a contract, quote, or demo request, has opened or clicked in one of your emails, has committed to one of your publications on social networks.

Of course not: a lead who has requested a demo or a quote is much more engaged and closer to the buying decision than a lead who has downloaded a white paper on your website or opened one of your emails. So should we pass on all the leads generated to the sales department? New call-to-action. Transmit only the most Mature Marketing Leads. If you are wondering whether to pass all the leads you generate to salespeople, it’s probably because you are doing it and it has not paid off. The vast majority of companies that I meet in B2B are in this case: their lead generation strategy is good but the salespeople fail to convert the generated leads. Align marketing and sales: a crucial issue.

What is a Lead Marketing?

The problem is, 73% of the leads you generate in B2B aren’t ready to buy. This proportion is even higher if you are an innovative or technological company. However, the B2B decision-maker only agrees to speak to a salesperson after having fully understood the problem he is encountering and having had a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. In other words, when he is mature. You should therefore only send sales representatives marketing leads that are mature. It is the starting point of your lead management process. What about Marketing Leads who are not Mature? The lead management matrix to convert. Simple: since they are not yet ready to be transmitted to sales representatives.

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You must advance these leads in their purchase thinking to bring them to maturity. For this, it is essential to set up an Inbound Marketing strategy. And ideally to equip yourself with Marketing Automation software that will allow you to measure. The level of maturity of your marketing leads and to make it progress. All automatically. To conclude, it is crucial that sales reps be aware of the conversion of marketing leads, which is very different from the prospecting they know. It is also important that the sales department actively participates in the definition and implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy that will generate leads. This is the best way to generate quality leads that they will love to have to deal with!

Are all leads equal?

To meet the challenge of lead generation, we recommend that our clients set up an Inbound Marketing strategy. SLN Web. Inbound Marketing is a strategy aimed at attracting qualified visitors to your website, converting them into leads, and maturing them to convert them faster and more often. Coupled with Marketing Automation software, Inbound Marketing allows you to automatically mature your leads while contextualizing and personalizing your messages. This will reduce your sales cycle and convert more often. Ideal for quickly generating growth. Why is my website not appearing on Google? This question comes up often in the companies I meet. Being visible on Google is indeed a crucial issue: it is the sine qua noncondition for generating leads and winning customers.

Your site does not appear on Google? Here are the 5 most likely reasons. Getting your website on Google properly is a major challenge for any business. Why? 61% of decision-makers start their buying thinking on the search engine. In a hurry, they all limit themselves to first-page Google results. B2B lead generation stats. 90% of decision-makers never answer a commercial prospecting call and 61% of them prefer. To start their thinking alone on the internet. If your website does not rank well on Google. It will not be visible to decision-makers and you will not be able to generate leads. Why is a site not appearing on Google? You are not the only one asking yourself this question.

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