In a professional or personal context, you could for example have been mentioned or quoted in posts, even if USA WhatsApp Number List on the network in question.

It is useful for keeping an eye on your market, on themes that interest you or even on your competitors. But you can also use the tool to monitor all mentions of your first and last name on Google. The Google Alert tool is accessible free of charge for all owners of a Google account .

You only have to enter your first and last name and you will be notified (at a frequency that you define) of all the new pages indexed by Google that speak about you. Very useful for monitoring your online reputation and reacting quickly to a mention.

The 7 steps to work on your Personal Branding. Identify who you want to talk to. To build an impactful personal brand image that is visible to your target audience and that grabs their attention, you need to know it inside out.

Who would you like to draw attention to with your Personal Branding? What are their expectations, their values, their areas of interest? How does she get information? What social networks does she frequent?

By answering all these questions, you will know on which bases to build your Personal Branding and how to promote it effectively. I encourage you to work on your personas. They will be of use to you for this subject, but also for all your marketing and sales strategy.

To go further: How to build your Persona Marketing? Define your goals. It is the basis of any strategy, whether it is marketing, sales or any other area.

Do you know the Google Alert tool?

Without clear objectives, you will not know precisely where you are going, or by which paths. Knowing where to go is essential in deciding how to get to your destination!

Whether your personal branding strategy serves you to find a job, clients or to meet any other challenge, this step is essential. To go further: How to define SMART objectives? Take stock of yourself. So be careful, I don’t necessarily ask you to do a deep introspection and go for a spiritual retreat with Tibetan monks!

No, you just need to know yourself and be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Normally, you immediately think of job interviews! Well, it’s a bit the same principle! You have to show yourself in your best light, but above all to build a cohesive personal image.


To do this, of course be aware of your talents and skills, but also of the points on which you still need to improve. Also list the items you want to highlight, and why. Do you want to showcase your education and experiences? The failures you overcame, the lessons you learned?

How do you want to communicate about your personal or professional goals? How do you see yourself evolving over the next 2, 5, 10 years? What areas of interests and passions to highlight to show your uniqueness? All these questions will allow you to build your personal branding and give you a guideline in your approach.

The idea is not to build yourself a character that is not you, but simply to send an image that corresponds to you and with which you will be comfortable.

Choose the right communication channels. When you want to gain visibility, it is tempting to invest as many channels as possible. You will create newsletters, launch a blog, create accounts on all social networks …

How To Monitor Your Personal Branding?

And suddenly ? What will happen is very simple. You will not get results. Why ? For two reasons. First, you will not have enough time to communicate on all channels. Then because your targets will not be present and / or receptive in the same way depending on the channels.

The first step concerning knowing your targets and here again essential! Choose the channels on which you can spend enough time to produce quality content, and those on which your targets are active and receptive to your messages.

To go further: How to choose the right social networks to communicate? If you choose to communicate on LinkedIn, we have dedicated training on this topic! You will learn how to properly optimize your profile to gain visibility and all the techniques to identify and convince your targets to work with you!

Master the storytelling.. Storytelling is what will make the difference between you and others. You are certainly unique, but there are certainly profiles that strongly resemble you. The challenge is therefore to work your communication around elements that only belong to you!

Obviously you will have to find your own tone and choose a way of expressing yourself that corresponds at the same time with your personality, your values ​​and your targets. But by mastering storytelling, you will go even further.

Don’t go raw! Rather, wrap your message in a story that will resonate with your audience. Each speech is an opportunity to bring out an experience, an anecdote or a reflection that will illustrate your point.

To go further: Know everything about storytelling! Bring value. What I’m going to tell you here is common sense but it deserves to be remembered.

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