Buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing To convert your leads faster and more often, we define and Niger Email List your target high added value content answering all the questions they ask themselves during the purchase journey illustrated below. -above. We thus allow you to position yourself as a visible and altruistic expert in your field of activity. 4. We bring your leads to maturity If you are having difficulty converting your leads into customers, it may be because you are passing them on too early – see illustration below – to the sales department. aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue The buyer does not agree to contact a sales representative.

Otherwise, ! Here, we are working on the drafting of an SLA – Service Level Agreement. The SLA is in a way a charter of commitment between the Marketing and Sales departments. To go further here, I encourage you to read my article on Marketing and Sales Alignment in which I present our method for writing an effective SLA . 3. We meet the expectations of the modern buyer The modern B2B buyer expects something else from you to sell your offer. He has all the information he needs just a click away to make his purchasing decision on his own. The buyer expects you to guide them in their buying thinking and to show them that you are the best option to solve their problem and help them achieve their goals.

Until The Decision Phase Of The Purchase Process

Seen previously. In other words, the buyer does not accept the solicitations of a salesperson until he is ready to buy . However, 73% of the leads you generate are not ready to buy. Your leads still need to think further and mature before they are passed on to the sales department. Here, we use Marketing Automation technology to send your leads – depending on their level of qualification and maturity – high value-added content that takes them gradually forward in the buying journey. We are also setting up an alert system so that your salespeople are informed in real time as soon as a prospect has reached maturity. Did you know here that a mature prospect contacted within 5 minutes after an interaction with your website.


Or one of your communications was 1000 times more likely to be converted to a contact prospect within 24 hours? 5. We make you more visible To allow you to generate more leads and convert them into customers, we use all the levers at our disposal to make you visible on the Internet, throughout the purchase journey of your target. First, we reference your website on the keywords the buyer uses during their thinking . You know, to be visible on the Internet, you must position yourself on the first page on Google. Then, we promote your brand and especially your content on social networks. We also monitor social networks to identify qualified leads.

In Whatever Niche You Choose Here

The key here is to define the right social networks and distribute the posts that meet the buyer’s expectations. 6. We analyze the right KPIs If our customers trust us, it’s because we show them every month that we bring them ROI. Our customers find us nice, appreciate our commercial approach and our affection for education, but let’s be frank, if the turnover was not there, their opinion would change quickly. To ensure ROI for our clients, we analyze a whole series of indicators resulting from their objectives. We analyze in real time each of our actions but also each of the behaviors of their leads . Then all we have to do is be flexible to optimize the strategy defined upstream as we go along!

We help you over time If you are looking for a provider to set up a Digital Marketing campaign over a few days “and then that’s it”. This is not the place to turn to. We’re good for the long haul. Because we are convinced that digitalizing Marketing. And commerce is a business project to be carried out over the long term. Because we invest ourselves in our clients as if we were full collaborators. We are frustrated when we see potential in you that we cannot exploit. Due to lack of time and too small a scope. If you are aligned with all of these points. We are made to collaborate and I encourage you to talk about it face to face.

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