Marketing Automation is an exceptional tool to automate low value-added tasks and focus on converting the most mature leads. Here is UK Phone Number Database List quickly to improve performance. The expectations and behaviors of the buyer have become more complex with the internet and social networks. The buyer expects a personalized and contextualized experience from you. But what should you do since your days are already overloaded? What if I told you that you could prospect better while saving time? A few years ago you could have called me a charlatan. With Marketing Automation, it is indeed a reality. Automating the following 4 tasks will save you precious time to devote to managing

The most mature leads in order to offer them a unique experience adapted to their context. Beyond that, automating these commercial tasks will also allow you to avoid holes in the racket, for example by putting aside leads not yet ready to buy or by missing opportunities that could escape you in the context of management. manual. Your CRM is arguably your greatest business asset. You have valuable information in your CRM to convert your prospects and satisfy your customers. That’s why you regularly spend hours updating your CRM or bite your fingers if you don’t have time to tackle it. By connecting your CRM to a Marketing Automation tool, your CRM will be updated automatically based on your actions

Updating Your CRM

And the behavioral history of your contacts. Because yes, in addition to automating the updating of your CRM, Marketing Automation allows you to collect key information such as the history of your leads’ behaviors on your website or vis-à-vis communications! Lead generation. To meet your revenue goals, you need to sign clients. To sign clients, you need to generate leads. However, as we have just seen, you must allocate as much of your time as possible to managing these leads in order to convert them. Marketing Automation allows you to identify leads on your website or social networks. A good example, ours: this summer, just before going on vacation, we launched a Marketing Automation campaign for the agency.


When we returned 3 weeks later, we had generated more than 300 leads and enough appointments to reach our September turnover objectives. To convert leads into customers, these leads must be qualified. Today, how do you go about qualifying your leads? You pick up your phone several times before reaching your prospect, you ask him a series of questions like Derrick in the good old days and you hang up 20 minutes later knowing that this prospect will never become a customer. What a waste of time! With Marketing Automation, you have the possibility of automatically retrieving all the information necessary for the qualification of your leads, notably via the smart form functionality.

Qualification Of Leads

In addition, Marketing Automation offers you the possibility of automatically measuring the maturity of a lead according to his behavior towards your communications, the browsing history on your website, and the nature of his thoughts. Which naturally leads us to automate the next business task! Feeding the purchase thinking of your prospects. As we saw in the introduction, you need to focus on converting the more mature leads, closer to a buying decision. But what about other prospects? Today, when you call a prospect who perfectly matches your ideal client profile but who doesn’t have a short-term plan, you probably put a note in your calendar to contact them again in a few weeks.

What happens in between? Your competitors pass by or your prospect himself finds another provider in his research. In the majority of cases, when there is a pause in the sales cycle with a prospect, the deal is not successful. It’s a bit like living as a couple: after a break, things don’t start again often. To avoid all this, you must keep in touch with your leads and take the opportunity to send them content that will allow them to mature. But what if you don’t have time? Think Marketing Automation! Thanks to its Lead Nurturing functionality, Marketing Automation allows you to automatically feed your prospects’ buying thinking and receive an alert when they are ready to make a decision.

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