Navigation all of this data allows you to track – in detail – the return on investment of each of your video campaigns. Not only that. The insights can also help you build a clearer picture of what your audience best responds to. Informing future campaigns. If you’re using interactive video to create a unique shopping Azerbaijan Phone Number List experience. Then you can also track the conversion rates of your video. This video from maybelline is just one example of how brands can use interactive video to increase sales: 

This video asks users to click to see different makeup looks. But also includes hotspots for each product that take users to a landing page where they can instantly make a purchase. This interactive video alone earned over 6 million impressions and increased the company’s click-through rate to 14x higher Azerbaijan Phone Number List than the overall industry average! Are you ready for interactive video? So. That was the case for interactive video! What do you think? Are you in? You should be. 43% of businesses plan to use interactive video in 2017. If you want to keep up. Make sure you’re one of them! Guest author: adam hayes is content manager at wyzowl. One of the world’s leading creators of animated explainer videos.

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Chuckle whenever someone says “I can’t write.” I know – for a fact. That all of you reading this right now love to write. I mean. Hello? It’s 2017 and we live in the world of posts. Comments. Updates. Texts. And tweets! So the truth is. We write all the time. Writing’s how we get ideas out of our heads. Writing’s Azerbaijan phone number how we express our feelings.  how we articulate our thoughts and put them into words. Unfortunately. A lot of the writing we see online today is. To put it nicely. Unpolished (don’t worry. This won’t be a junior high grammar lesson). At it’s core. We write for one underlying reason: to be understood.

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So keep reading to find out how to give your writing a little more oomph to increase your chances of getting your point across (and. If you’re a marketer. To get the sale). Conent Azerbaijan Phone Number List marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to content marketing for business first name * email * download now cut down on redundancy. Cut down on redundancy. Cut down on… you know that guy you try to avoid at the office. The one who sounds like a broken record and makes the same point again and again and again. So you just don’t pay attention?

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It’s because we tend to tune out messaging that is redundant (don’t confuse this with messaging that is repetitive. Which is a highly effective persuasion tactic). Redundancy goes beyond repetition – it’s saying more than is necessary without introducing anything new or compelling. For example. You don’t Azerbaijan Phone Number List need to say “join me today for a free complimentary webinar.” you can say free or complimentary. But you definitely don’t need to use both. It’s like saying water is wet – it’s already implied. Here’s an even more obvious example: “that’s the big large guy I was talking to at the store last weekend.” sounds weird! So it makes more sense to just pick one adjective to describe the man.

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