Besides the 2 Chrome extensions above, there are of course many more. My colleague Elsemieke Land listed 15 interesting extensions . 9. Respond privately in a group app A nice tip for the WhatsApp users among us. And since there are quite a few, probably for many of you. Are you in a group conversation and would you like to respond privately to a message? Then you can press and hold the message and then choose ‘Reply private’ via ‘More…’. That way, the person in your private conversation will receive a message with reference to the message in the group conversation. Useful! You can find more great WhatsApp tips in this article . 10.

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Freehand drawing online with AutoDraw This tip is actually very nice. The question is whether it actually does anything for you. AutoDraw helps you to draw online. Are you drawing Singapore Phone Number that resembles a table? Then this program will actually turn it into a ‘nice’ table. This video explains how it works: Curious about more online design tools? Then check this article . 11. Adventure with Breakzy Are you going out by car, and you are not in a hurry? Then Breakzy is a nice addition to your road trip. With this app (or via the website) you can plan your route, and then you will see all kinds of sights within a maximum of 10 kilometers deviation from this route. The best places to stop along the way.

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From campsites to characteristic villages and nice picnic spots: they have collected the best 13,000 stops along all highways in Europe. Breakzy, one of the useful tools. Curious about more such fun apps? You will find it in this article . 12. Shielded Calling via Siri We conclude with a handy tip for iPhone users. Does someone want to borrow your phone to make a phone call, but you don’t know or trust this person completely? Then instruct Siri to call. You can have Siri do something without your phone being unlocked. Simply say “Hey Siri, call…” and then the appropriate phone number (or name, if the phone number is in your contact list). A safe way to let someone else use your phone. More tools and life hacks?

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