Cloud-based computing and network services. Among others. When the alibaba group decided to go public on the new york stock exchange in 2014. Its initial valuation was over $200 billion . Making it one of the 20 largest companies by market capitalization in the united states. It currently controls 75% of Pakistan Phone Number the market and exceeds 600 million users . His unique way of uniting chinese manufacturers with importers and exporters from all over the world completely changed the way we viewed e-commerce globally. The main key in the marketing strategy of alibaba group companies is low prices. They are well known for their deals. Especially on their retail portals. This was accompanied by a smart move in the

Beginning was the creation of alipay . Its own payment platform. Similar to paypal. In response to the great distrust that existed in his time in the online market. Something to emphasize Pakistan Phone Number regarding the marketing of this giant is that they based their strategy on the needs of both buyers and sellers of emerging markets. Thus. Building a model designed for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in developing countries. Which led them to a completely different market from their competition and that

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Was neglected. The big difference between the alibaba group and its competitors is that it does not charge any kind of commission for transactions made on the platform. Its way of generating profits is given by the advertising that is carried out in it. Thanks to the great information they have in their Pakistan phone number databases. They can offer excellent segmentation . So through the sale of ads. Merchants can pay to give priority to the display of their products. Thus generating a greater reach and thus reaching a greater number of potential customers. Netflix case netflix case currently. You surely have endless streaming

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Platforms where you can watch your favorite movies and series. From any device you choose. What not everyone knows is that the first to do this was netflix and perhaps current streaming would not exist. Were it not for this titan of business marketing. This company that was born in 1997 in california. United states in Pakistan Phone Number response to the high expenses that it presented for clients. The penalties for delay of the video stores of the moment. Currently it has already broken the barrier of 182 million subscribers and operates in more than 190 countries . His record for original series and movies came in 2016: having 126 premieres throughout the year. Which is equivalent to one every two or three days. These figures increase every day and they have original series and movies awarded by the academy and the golden

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Globes. The key in its strategy in business marketing and its great value proposition is the autonomy that the user has on the platform. Choosing what to see. When and where. Also having the ability to pause. Fast-forward and assess the different titles. Without the interference of any type of advertising. This great Pakistan Phone Number freedom of the user also allows the platform to collect a quantity of information about the behavior of each one. Thus allowing a highly personalized experience. The main pillars in netflix’s communication strategy are content marketing . Branded content and storytelling . In which the work done in intelligence and big data is fully exploited. Which is in turn fed back by user feedback.

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