What will make it successful? How will you measure it? Use keyword research to come up with new topics: use keyword planner to see what people are searching for. Incorporate those Albania Phone Number List keywords into the headers and copy on your page for improved seo. Use current content to inform new content: your highest-performing pages can inform you of new content ideas. What else can you say about the high-performers that people would be interested to know? 4.

Build as many landing pages as you can it’s been shown that companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less. Similar to how more content on landing Albania Phone Number List pages improves performance. The more landing pages you can build. The better off you’ll be. 5. Stop making mistakes with your a/b testing a/b testing is key to making your landing pages convert. That’s a well known fact. But. This year it’s time to sharpen your game – time to step up to the big leagues. Here’s four mistakes that you need to stop making with your a/b tests: 1. 

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Testing more than one element by doing this. You’re mixing together too much data which makes it much more complicated to understand. This is referred to as multivariate testing. Because there’s more than one outcome to analyze. 2. Ending a test too soon many marketers will end a test as soon as they see positive results. You should instead give campaigns 3-4 weeks or more to gain a wider perspective. Even tests like Albania phone number optimizely (my favorite a/b testing software) – might give you a ‘statistically significant’ positive test. But in reality you should wait a couple of weeks after this to implement based on the data. 3. Giving up after one test don’t give up after you’ve run a successful a/b test. If you’ve found that one image works better than the other. Does that mean you have the absolute best image? Maybe. Maybe not. 

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Only by running more tests will you find out. This a/b test from visual website optimizer helps demonstrate why having social share buttons on product pages can distract from a visitor’s Albania Phone Number List main objective of buying. This is a more subtle example of how multiple offers or objectives for a page can dilute the main purpose. Which is talked about in more depth in point 8. 6. Above or below the fold? Decisions. Decisions should you place your cta above the fold or below the fold? That depends on which type of campaign you’re running. 

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In most cases. The natural response is to place the call-to-action above the fold. As it immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your primary message and contact button. Which is always better for conversions in most cases. However. If your product is somewhat difficult to understand. Like a software solution. Albania Phone Number List You need to give your visitors the necessary details so they’ll click on your cta. If they can’t understand your product. They won’t understand why they need to buy it. 7. Make load time lightning fast for every one-second delay in page response. There is a 7 percent decrease in conversion rate. Visitors want to find the information they’re looking for. Quickly.

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