Especially in the context of an innovative offer. As a B2B company, the Inbound Marketing strategy must be your priority. Since it allows UAE Mobile Number Database and behaviors of the buyer. In addition, B2B Inbound Marketing allows you to provide valuable support. To your sales department. With your Inbound Marketing strategy. You position your brand and your salespeople as visible experts in your field of activity. By responding to the problems of your prospects rather than by promoting an offer. That they do not suspect the existence or do not understand added value. However, to take full advantage of the potential of B2B Inbound Marketing. It is important to define and implement a comprehensive strategy based on commonality.

With the Internet and social networks, the buyer has become more independent and has revised their requirements upwards. To prospect properly, you must review your methods, in particular, to convert your prospects into customers more often. Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid to conclude. Among our clients, we generally notice 3 issues to be addressed in the context of their commercial prospecting: Generate more prospects despite less effective traditional prospecting levers; Attract a prospect who does not understand the technically complex offer or who sometimes does not even suspect its existence; At a time when the buyer is informing himself on the Internet in order to find solutions to his problems and lead his purchasing reflection.

You Are Not Negotiating With The Right Interlocutor

It is fundamental to review the way in which you prospect to meet these challenges and win new ones. clients. In order to best support our clients, we very often interview their own clients and prospects. And have thus identified the 7 most common reasons. That prevents you from concluding. You can’t demonstrate how your solution will help the prospect. As we have seen in the preamble, the buyer’s behavior has become more complex. To prospect properly, you can no longer just unpack your sales pitch and hope to sign. Your prospect, who has searched your website from top to bottom. Before contacting you or accepting an appointment, already knows enough about your offers.


Your prospect does not expect you to sell your solutions but rather that you demonstrate to him that you are the best person to help him solve his problems and achieve his goals. To properly prospect and convert your prospects into customers, it is important to identify your issues and objectives in order to put forward the right arguments. I am talking here about quantified and concrete arguments: what is the contribution of your solution in income? what is the gain in productivity? Does it lower costs? We generally notice that 1 prospect in 2 believes that a salesperson does not advance the right arguments and that he is not sufficiently precise in his negotiation.

You Must Talk About Your Prospect

Your prospecting is focused on you and not your prospect It is undoubtedly the most common that we meet in the field and it makes a lot of sense. In the context of mass prospecting via cold calls or field prospecting, you are forced to set up processes to gain productivity. The organization of your schedule, the way in which you conduct a prospecting interview, the progress of your arguments… Everything is thought out upstream to save time and therefore a priori money. Unfortunately, your prospect has gotten into the nasty habit of being able to connect with anyone anytime and being the center of the world. To prospect properly, you must therefore come to terms with their expectations.

And above all, place their history, issues, and objectives at the center of the discussions. Clearly, to prospect well, This error stems directly from the drop inefficiency of traditional prospecting levers. To generate the same number of appointments as before and gain as many customers, you have to cast a wider net. Unfortunately, by being laxer on your targeting, you naturally expose yourself to a lower conversion rate. With the Internet and social networks, you have many tools at your disposal to favor the buyers who are the most active in their purchase thinking and who best match your ideal customer profile. You do not position yourself as an expert in your field of activity.

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