Are you investing body and soul in your Marketing strategy but your actions do not generate ROI or too little? Marketing should allow Australia Mobile Number Database them into customers. If your Marketing is not generating revenue, it is probably for at least one of the following reasons. Do you know your target? To this question, 99% of the companies I meet tell me yes. When I dig a little deeper, they quickly realize that “not quite actually. If your marketing strategy is unsuccessful, chances are it’s because you don’t really know your target audience. Knowing that you are targeting companies in such and such a sector of activity and generating X million.

In turnover is no longer enough to build an effective marketing strategy. The buyer wants personalized and contextualized communications. You need to send them the right message at the right time. This is the mission of your Marketing strategy. But what if you do not know his habits, his behaviors, the way in which he is trained, in which he informs himself, the questions they ask themselves, and the problems that they encounter throughout their purchasing journey? Since 2013, we have been supporting innovative companies in generating leads and income. I still notice the same tendency to aim as broad as possible to reach as many customers as possible. As an innovative company.

Maybe Marketing Actions Miss Their Target

Suddenly, to put all the chances on their side, they put forward a maximum of uses and are addressed to multiple targets. Believe me, building your marketing strategy like this is irrelevant. I’m going to tell you a secret: When I launched the SLN Web agency, with my multiple skills, I highlighted a dozen missions that I could carry out and targeted VSEs, SMEs, startups, and professional associations. Mistake: wanting to be the specialist in everything and in all areas of activity, I had trouble attracting qualified and mature leads. Now the agency is positioned on the very specific niche of income generation for innovative companies. Our ultra-qualified leads and we do not struggle to convert them.


An entrepreneur once told me: “When you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, you are not going to solicit a photographer who does industrial and corporate photos in addition to wedding photos. You want a specialist in wedding photos. This phrase resonated with me and it is also valid for your field of activity. They have only one fear: not to sell. The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed the behavior and expectations of buyers. Buyers now carry out the majority of their purchasing decisions on their own and scour the web in search of relevant information. To generate leads and therefore return on investment, you must place your website at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Your Marketing Positioning Is Not Clear

And for that, your website must be visible. Let’s be clear here, a visible website is a website that ranks well in search engines, with Google in the lead. If your Marketing strategy is a failure, it is quite possible that your website is more of a drag than the engine of your growth as it should be. No one is interested in your marketing content. As we have just seen, the buyer leads the majority of his purchase thinking on his own. He does his research on the Internet in search of content answering the questions he asks himself throughout the purchasing journey. This development clearly announces the end of the era of the showcase site.

Where it was enough to have ten pages on your website to present your activity and your offers. Buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. Your website must be a reference site in your field of activity. The buyer must find answers to all the questions he asks himself not only to gain maturity but also to validate that you are the best option for him. You no longer sell, you support your prospects in their buying thinking. Content is the central element of an effective marketing strategy. Your Marketing Strategy Is Not Aligned With The Salesperson. An effective marketing strategy is a strategy that generates revenue, isn’t it? To generate revenue.

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