Clicking on such links and finding that they don’t Austria Phone Number work will click off fast, increasing the bounce rate. Such experiences will make your visitors much less likely to return. Your reputation can be harmed. Needless to say, search engines will pick up on this and Austria Phone Number you will be penalised for it. Should you wait long enough, you will find out if you have backlink problems. However, that will happen when you get penalised by search engines or your analytical tools detect bad backlinks. But by being pre-emptive, you can spot issues sooner and reduce the negative impact. When should you check up your backlinks? All the above suggests that it is worth regularly checking your backlinks to ensure they work. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to do this every week, but

Certainly, You Should Do So Every Few Months. It Is Worth Austria Phone Number Noting

Certainly, you should do so every few months. It is worth Austria Phone Number noting that there may be more than one reason that a backlink isn’t working. The backlink may have been taken down. The backlink may have a technical malfunction. You may have inserted an incorrect url. If the latter is the case, it can be directly connected. But if the link is to a page or article that is no longer Austria Phone Number available, it needs replacing. As mentioned above, the more recent a link is, the more it scores for relevance and it is more likely not to have something obviously out of date (such as references to Austria Phone Number an upcoming event at the time of writing that has subsequently passed).  Maintaining this rule

Effectively, However, Means Every Few Months You Should Austria Phone Number Return To Your

Austria Phone Number


Effectively, however, means every few months you should Austria Phone Number return to your article and check if your backlinks are out of date. This can be done while carrying out a general check of your blogs. Just as you might update a blog to remove and replace outdated sections of text to bring your article up to date, so such checks can be extended to examining your backlinks. What should you Austria Phone Number replace old backlinks with? There are three possible approaches to replacing old backlinks. Seek a like-for-like equivalent; a similar but more recent article. Replace the old article with something on the same topic but different, taking into account changed situations and/or new

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