It sounds simple like that but be careful, prospecting on LinkedIn cannot be improvised and, as with Bahrain Phone Numbers List to obtain significant results. So how do you properly prospect on LinkedIn? Here is the methodology in 4 steps! Prospecting well on LinkedIn is above all about presenting yourself in your best light. As we have just seen, your prospects expect you to prove to them that you are THE person who will allow them to achieve their goals. How to make a prospecting LinkedIn profile. How to prospect on LinkedIn and social networks? Training! This situation is not uncommon. Some qualified prospects don’t buy because they feel they haven’t researched all of the possible solutions.

Follow the news of your prospects and take advantage of the slightest opportunity to start a conversation on LinkedIn : a change of position, a shared article, a common relationship … Stop the contact race. To conclude, I strongly recommend that you stop the race for LinkedIn contacts which is really unproductive. As you can see, prospecting on LinkedIn takes time and customization work. It is therefore important to focus on your most active and qualified prospects in order to prospect successfully! Concretely, it works since it is necessary to know that more than 2 out of 3 contact requests are accepted without batting an eyelid on LinkedIn. However, what is the point of operating in this way?

Go Fishing For Information

Any ! To prospect on LinkedIn optimally, I recommend that you initiate a relationship with your prospect before sending your contact request. How will you tell me? By interacting on one of his publications, by leaving a comment on his blog or by regularly sharing his posts. Prospects like this may be interested in specific content. For example, comparisons between your product and your competitor’s product or even customer experience feedback. The specific content you provide to these prospects helps you build your expertise and stay in their memory throughout their buying process. The next connection will be even easier when your qualified prospect has read your quality content. To find qualified prospects on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is an excellent lever for commercial prospecting. To prospect well on LinkedIn and obtain significant results, it is above all important to know how to identify the best prospects. How to find prospects on LinkedIn? Here are 8 avenues to explore. After hearing that LinkedIn is a great prospecting tool , have you created an account but don’t know where to start? The first thing to do after creating and optimizing your LinkedIn account for sales prospecting is to identify the most interesting prospects for your business so that you can then get in touch with them. I encounter a very frequent error in the field: you know that LinkedIn is important for finding new customers.

Thank Your New Contact

And therefore decide to integrate it into your sales prospecting strategy. That is very good. The problem is that, full of good will, you go straight to conquering new prospects by adding dozens and dozens of contacts to your network. Very often, my clients contact me to brag about having gained X hundred new contacts in a few days on LinkedIn. That’s great, but are they really qualified and will they get you business? Because in the end this is the whole point! To identify qualified prospects on LinkedIn, it is important to define very precisely what a qualified prospect is for your business: In what industry does he work? In what type of structure? What is its function? His expectations ?

The problems they encounter? Before you go looking for prospects on LinkedIn, you should know everything about your ideal prospect in order to 1) prospect without wasting time and 2) optimize your return on investment. Interactions on your publications To properly prospect on LinkedIn and the internet in general, it is essential to create and share content with your network . If you share quality content on LinkedIn, you will naturally get a significant number of likes, shares and comments on your posts. These interactions are a significant source of leads. Indeed, the people who consult and interact with your publications are clearly concerned by the issues you are dealing with. So regularly check the interactions of your LinkedIn publications.

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