Someone somewhere is bound to contact them, many times, to try to sell them something. thing. This is Iran Email List your forms. They are your main conversion points, don’t neglect them! Chat, pop-up (discreet and non-intrusive of course…!) Call-Back, making an appointment with a sales representative … you must increase and optimize the conversion points in order to facilitate contact between your visitors and yourself. Switch to marketing automation. With the existence of automation tools, who still has time to waste doing the same tasks over and over again? Don’t be ashamed of still doing copy-paste in your emails, I have done this myself for years.

This lever of digital marketing will bring you a lot. There is much more to automating marketing tasks than just automatic emails sent to your most mature leads. As a marketer, you must keep in mind that the leverage of marketing automation has many advantages: It saves you precious time. In automation for certain marketing actions, you have the possibility of managing the programming and execution of all your messages, whether on social networks, for your blog articles or to send your e-mailings. Marketing automation, therefore, allows you to plan a large number of tasks in advance. It allows you to group your data. All your data is in one place and that’s great!

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No more going back and forth from one platform to another to compile data for marketing reporting for which you are more or less sure of the results. The complete consolidation of your campaign statistics can be viewed at a glance. Your traffic performance, conversion rate, number of leads, and signatures, it’s all there. It helps you to have a multi-channel approach. Multiplying the points of contact with your customers and especially in a personalized way is something made possible thanks to marketing automation. It allows you to keep in touch with your leads in different ways, always with interaction tracking. It allows you to personalize your messages. Getting the right content to the right person, at the right time.


On a large scale is one of the key points of marketing automation. Investing in a marketing automation tool above all allows you to segment and distribute the right message, which helps your lead progress throughout their buying process. Align Marketing and Sales. Lead generation should be a central part of thinking about your digital marketing strategy. Generating quality leads is an excellent thing, but above all, you have to manage them effectively. Too often, the companies we meet carry out digital marketing actions without really studying the zone of all the dangers: the transmission of leads to the sales department. A click in an email, a page visited, or signing up for a webinar doesn’t have to be a sign that your lead wants to buy.

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Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the Marketing department passes on insufficiently qualified leads to sales reps. Eventually, salespeople no longer consult marketing leads because they are considered, even before being studied, to be of poor quality. Tracking leads between marketing and sales teams is extremely important for several reasons: To ensure that the definition of a qualified lead is the same for marketing and sales. Without it, you can never be sure that leads will be investigated and dealt with in the right way. To understand why some leads that you have passed on to salespeople are considered bad, you need to organize Smarketing meetings. To retrieve leads sent to sales reps who are not yet ready to buy.

Why? Because salespeople have short-term goals and they’re only going to want to deal with hot, mature leads. Have you guessed what happens with immature leads? They are forgotten and all the work done to attract this lead is lost. Do you want to set up an effective digital marketing strategy? And behaviors at your fingertips throughout your reflection. In this approach, Inbound Marketing stands out as THE strategy to put in place. You can very quickly multiply the number of leads generated by converting your visitors much better. But then you have to convert them into leads and do whatever it takes to turn them into customers. Improve the SEO of your Website by Downloading our New Guide.

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