Marketing is therefore at least as important to think about in advance. Not all e-learning platforms are compatible with all marketing techniques. For example, on some platforms you cannot install pixels or you cannot connect to your marketing automation. Do you have special wishes for your marketing? Then keep that in mind now! Some questions to ask yourself before making a decision are the questions in the checklist below. The marketing questions are included in this. Checklist e-learning

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This checklist consists of questions that are best answered before you make a decision about which platform is right for you. Infographic: a checklist for determining which Kazakhstan Phone Number to choose for your e-learning. Alternatives In the above paragraphs I have said a lot about the major players in the world when it comes to online program development, but of course you have more options to offer your online course. Nowadays there are already quite a few companies and websites that offer whole selections of courses that are made by different instructors.

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For example, have you ever thought about Soofos? This platform contains Dutch online courses, created by hundreds of different trainers. You can also sign up as a trainer for this platform. The advantage is that they have the platform and learning environment ready for you and that you receive a commission on all courses you sell. You also use their network to find new customers for your course and you can of course also offer your Soofos course to your own relations. Cons? You are stuck with the pattern which courses are at and you do not have it under your own management.

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