Facebook is a great opportunity to identify prospects and generate leads. But for that you have to be creative Morocco Email List the buyer. Here are 7 prerequisites for generating leads on Facebook. To generate leads on Facebook, it is essential to understand how your target uses the social network, their expectations and the content formats they like. Every week I meet companies that are unable to make a return on their investment on Facebook. When I ask them if they have clearly defined the characteristics and expectations of their targets, they all say yes. Without exception. However, when digging, I realize that they have only a vague idea of ​​who their target is:

They have defined the sector of activity and some information such as turnover and number of employees. This is clearly not enough! The buyer now conducts the majority of his buying thinking alone, mainly on the Internet. He asks himself specific questions throughout the purchasing journey, encounters specific issues and obtains information on various media. To generate leads on Facebook, you need to send the right message to the right person at the right time . This inevitably involves the creation of your Personas . Did you know that at the agency, we spend a fortnight working on the personas of our new clients? This should convince you to take the time to work on your own, before you jump into Facebook.

Being Visible On Facebook Is No Easy Task

To increase your visibility and generate engagement , it is essential to respect the rules of the game imposed by the algorithm of the social network. Thus, you must favor native formats on Facebook. What are the formats that work on Facebook to generate Leads? Until the end of the 2010s, to generate Leads on Facebook, you could share links to your website in your publications. Now, the algorithm does not allow this anymore. If you share a link to your website, Facebook will restrict your post because it does not want its users to leave the platform. In any case, not for free, hence the need sometimes to invest in Facebook Ads . However, there are post formats that are still popular with the algorithm.


To go further, I suggest you consult this article: The 10 types of posts to test on Facebook. Commit to an Editorial Calendar. It’s one of my main resolutions every year: to create an editorial calendar – and follow it – for the agency’s social media posts. On this point, we can say that we are a bit of a shoemaker with bad shoes! When we start working with a new client, we generally start with a 6-week Inbound Marketing Workshop during which we work on this schedule. For the agency, I am much less rigorous and I am clearly losing efficiency. Creating an editorial calendar for your social networks will allow you to skillfully plan your communications.

Work On Your Personas

And truly engage in staying regular in your actions . This is one of the keys if not THE key to generating Leads on Facebook. Boost your communication with Facebook Ads. Facebook is great for communicating, but you know that it is more and more difficult to do it for free. And it will not work out if it gets better! As a reminder, when you publish content on social networks, all your contacts, fans or subscribers do not see it in their news feed . We’re talking about Reach. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or others, the news feed on social networks depends on an algorithm of their own. To be more visible and generate leads, I advise you to use sponsored campaigns.

These sponsored campaigns will not only allow you to make sure that your fans / subscribers see your content, but also to reach people who do not follow your Facebook page. Make the most of the video. video to generate leads on social networks. As you can see in this graph from a study by Ericsson , 55% of mobile internet traffic comes from video . In 2023, video will represent 75% of internet traffic. At a time when the buyer is connected 24 hours a day with his smartphone, it is essential to integrate video into your Facebook communication strategy to generate leads. The buyer will also feel much closer to you and you will have a better chance of gaining their trust. Hence the following prerequisite.

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