That gas is unaffordable. That there will be another flu wave. That climate adaptation is not progressing. However, the economy is now booming. It’s not good and in the meantime things are going great. How does this juncture determine how we shape communication? What will online design look like in the coming year? 1. Bold border style A distinctly minimalist style has been emerging for some time now. The most characteristic here are the blunt (usually) black borders.

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They frame input fields, text blocks and color areas and they divide page parts. The black lines often go together with simple fonts, a grid that fills out over the screen, Norway Phone Number shades, dots and line illustrations. The simplicity is deceptive, because this trend uses fancy hover and parallax animations. The style comes from the corner of brutal design and has been embraced by the cultural sector a while ago. You found it at museums and music venues.

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g up the trend. And we are now even spotting it at major retailers. This will be completely mainstream in 2022. Just wait and see. Bold border style at different brands. Bold border style at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam , pop venue De Melkweg , Leiden European City of Science 2022 , Expertise Center Basic Skills , Spotify and Kruidvat . 2. Fonts: warm melancholy remains Nostalgic fonts were already there and will remain for a while.

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