Putting the cart before the horse, selling the skin of the bear before having killed it, the Milkmaid and the jug … So many Montserrat Email List time to reflect was and remains an important step. And this, whatever the subject to be treated: even Marketing Automation. It was in 1678 that Jean de la Fontaine published for his fable “The Milkmaid and the Milk Pot”. This story, more than 3 centuries old, informs us that each step in the management of a project is important. Going too far in your thinking without building the foundations of your project often leads to failure. Many companies that have rushed into Marketing Automation learn it at their expense.

The Marketing Automation tool is at the service of the Inbound Marketing strategy; without strategy, no result! If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of Marketing Automation, don’t do like the Milkmaid: here are 3 points to validate before investing in a Marketing Automation tool We are regularly contacted by prospects who have already chosen (or even already acquired) a technical Marketing Automation solution : Hubspot for some , Plezi, Marketo or Pardot for others … If these prospects ask us, it is often because they are unable to generate ROI despite a significant investment in the acquisition of the tool. Suddenly, they want us to support them in using their Marketing Automation tool.

Before Moving On To Marketing Automation

As always, we tell them that the Marketing Automation tool is at the service of strategy. And to talk about strategy, we have to talk about numbers. Unfortunately when the numbers are not there, it is impossible to define clear objectives and therefore to build a successful Marketing Automation strategy . Before investing in a Marketing Automation tool, you must therefore precisely define your objectives . For this, I recommend that you follow the acronym SMART : Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. Before you embark on selecting, purchasing, and implementing Marketing Automation technology, define some data to achieve. They will allow you to know if you are on the right track and thus optimize your return on investment.


To harness the full potential of Marketing Automation, you need to have visitors to your website and generate qualified leads . One of the things you need to do to generate qualified leads is to publish and promote quality content . For this, you use in particular your website, social networks, e-mailing and advertising campaigns. Before investing in a Marketing Automation tool, you must therefore know where you are starting from and what efforts you must make to achieve the previously defined objectives. Here’s a quick rundown of the questions to ask yourself before moving into Marketing Automation: What is the state of your online presence? How many blog post posts do you make per month on your site?

Set Clear Goals!

Are these publications intended to facilitate the buying journey of your prospects? , take stock of your actions! Have you already implemented an editorial strategy? What are the performances? What are the keywords on which you are referenced? How many content offers are downloadable on your website? How many newsletters do you send per month to your prospects? Clients? Leads? What are the levers you use to attract visitors? What is the ROI? Is that a lot of questions? We will have many more to ask you if you want to collaborate with us during our Launch Workshop! This step can take a long time because it requires an in-depth review of your online positioning.

Based on this first analysis of your web environment and by answering the questions previously asked, you will be able to identify some of the corrective actions to be taken to achieve your objectives. These first actions make it possible to obtain “Quick-Wins”, that is to say rapid results as soon as you acquire your Marketing Automation tool . To continue introspection, be clear-sighted about the state of your internal resources that can be mobilized as well as your level of maturity on the themes of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. Before moving on to Marketing Automation, document your inner workings! Who says marketing automation tool, says automation of tasks and processes.

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