To make an effective B2B Marketing plan, it is essential to understand your Persona in order to Latvia Email Address you to generate qualified leads and convert them into customers. What is a B2B Persona and how do I do it? B2B Persona: the common mistake. This is a very common mistake in B2B businesses. That of thinking that it is enough to define in broad outline the characteristics of its target. To define an effective marketing and commercial strategy. I made this mistake, we all made it. I am not talking here about companies that do not even think about their target. And who think that bombing en masse will mathematically win customers.

I am talking about companies who think that it is enough simply to know in which field of activity exerts their target, what is their function and their turnover. Is this your case? Correct the course in your marketing plan and devote more time to defining your B2B Persona. The stake today is not to know who is your target but who is your target. Only then will you be able to put in place actions that appeal to the decision-maker, that allow you to generate leads and convert them into customers. Creating a Persona in B2B is a little more complex than in B2C: In B2C, you are targeting the end buyer.

The peculiarities of Persona B2B

For the second point, avoid imagining who your target is as much as possible. Nothing beats an exchange with your best customers. Ready to get started? Download our complete persona guide to work on the subject calmly! It concentrates all the important information and distills it to curious prospects. Best of all, it is the primary source of information and can disseminate it to thousands of people at the same time. Even better, it is able to generate leads for your sales force. besides that, the B2B decision-maker is always more connected and autonomous in his purchasing thinking. He uses search engines to answer questions he asks himself along the buying journey.


No, really if your website isn’t at the center of your marketing plan, it’s clearly not holding up. Your management has not validated your marketing plan. Your annual meeting regarding your marketing plan is days gone by and you still haven’t had the “go” you expected and hoped for. Time is on your side since your actions are planned and some require the solicitation of external partners. Your GM is elusive, and the nods, which you thought were positive, during the presentation of your marketing plan are finally starting to worry you. All the elements indicate that your marketing plan did not please your management. The reason is probably quite simple: your marketing plan does not highlight the expected return on investment.

Persona B2B and Ideal Buyer Profile

This is about defining the expectations and behaviors of your ideal prospect throughout the buying journey. At the beginning of his reflection, your ideal prospect – your persona – asks himself specific questions and answers them in a specific way. Ditto during and at the end of the reflection. Emotions are at the heart of purchasing thinking. Here you must define all the actions that will allow you to determine the level of maturity of the prospects that you generate. We know, for example, that a person who visits your rates page is close to a purchase decision. Much more than a person reading a blog post or downloading a white paper. Working your Personas in B2B will allow you two things.

After several weeks of thought and work, your new marketing plan is ready. Your budget is consistent, your objectives well defined, your strategy is aligned with the challenges of the company. Everything seems ok. Still, there are some clear signs that your marketing plan is not holding up. Here they are. Your website is not at the center of your marketing plan. We cover the subject regularly, taking a position that your website should be a lead machine. However, everything seems to indicate that your marketing plan does not put your website at the center of your marketing thinking. This is a serious mistake. Your website should be the business’s first commercial because it’s always available.

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