Video and immediacy are two major trends to take into account for a successful communication strategy. In this approach, the Guatemala WhatsApp Number List is essential as a relevant lever. What is Periscope? How can you use it to boost your communication?

Periscope has really gained notoriety in France with the Serge Aurier affair, this football player from Paris Saint-Germain who made insulting remarks towards his coach and his teammates live on the social network.

However, Periscope has enjoyed enormous success since its launch in March 2015. As proof, Periscope exceeded one million users in just 10 days , initially being only available on the Apple Store!

At that time, Twitter quickly sensed the good deal and bought Periscope nipping in the bud the development of Meerkat , another live streaming social network.

Periscope now has more than 10 million users and announces record figures. In fact, after 1 year of activity, Periscope declares that it has already broadcast more than 200 million videos and broadcast more than 110 years of videos every day.

Why consider Periscope as an interesting lever for your communication?

Concretely, Periscope is a mobile application that allows you to broadcast live video. We speak of “live streaming”.

Periscope in figures
Periscope is 2 million active users every day!
Periscope is 110 years of video broadcast every day!
29% of videos posted on Periscope are by women!
source of statistics

Periscope, for live communication!
The advantage of Periscope is that the social network responds perfectly to current marketing trends: video, mobile and instantaneity : with Periscope, you communicate live, on video and on mobile. And all for free since all you need is a smartphone and imagination.

Why integrate Periscope into your communication strategy? And that’s not all ! Periscope has other significant advantages for your communication strategy.

What Is Periscope?

As we will see in the uses of Periscope for your brand, Periscope will allow you to gain proximity to your targets. Indeed, what could be better than communicating directly to get closer to your customers and prospects?

In addition, Periscope will allow you to ensure that your marketing messages are well understood by your target. It is clearly easier to be understood orally and live than in writing and deferred, right?

Periscope for communication strategy

Periscope, 10 uses for your communication!
# 1 – Promote your new products
Social networks are a great opportunity to promote a new product and Periscope is no exception.


Launching a new product is never easy. Are you convinced that your product is the best? That it perfectly meets the needs of your target? It’s good. Now you have to convince your customers. For this, Periscope will be a relevant tool.

Indeed, thanks to Periscope, you will be able to carry out live demonstrations of your new product and ensure that your offer is well understood by your target.

In addition, as part of the launch of a new product, you will also be able to use Periscope to tease and generate impatience in your customers.

# 2 – Share your news
To communicate well on your news, what better than to do it live rather than in an article that will be published and read well after the battle?

With Periscope, you will be able to keep your customers informed in real time of your developments and new products.

# 3 – broadcast interviews
Conducting interviews is a great opportunity to improve your brand image. Indeed, by exchanging on Periscope with other players in your sector of activity, you will gain objectivity and develop your image as an expert.

A Dazzling Success… That Lasts!

The nature of the people you can interview on Periscope can vary widely: Interview your employees to develop the relationship with your customers!
Interview specialists in your activity to develop your expertise!
Interview influencers to develop your notoriety!
Interview clients to share their testimonials!
To optimize the impact of these interviews on your image, also allow your customers to interact with your guests via a time reserved for questions. Your customers will feel considered and part of your business.

# 4 – Promote an event
While it is useful for promoting your products and services, Periscope is also an excellent lever for promoting an event. With Periscope, you will of course be able to carry out a teasing campaign by gradually revealing your event. But that’s not all !

Periscope will allow you to offer your customers and prospects the chance to go behind the scenes of the event: how is it organized? Who are the people who organize it? What efforts does it require?

This will prove that your event is worth visiting and that you are doing everything to satisfy your customers. In addition, going behind the scenes will develop the relationship you have with your community and the feeling of closeness.

# 5 – broadcast your events live
Do you host or attend a quality conference on a topic dear to your customers and prospects? Unfortunately, they did not have the chance to be there… To erase their disappointment and frustration, broadcast this event live on Periscope.

Are you organizing an open house, a product launch or any other event on your premises? It is probably not easy to invite all your customers and prospects, whether for financial or logistical reasons. Thanks to Periscope, you will allow everyone to attend the event!

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