An accurate job title and especially the way ordinary people talk about it. You may have a special corporate culture where the office manager is called something like “lead provider. ” but that’s not the title people will look for when looking for job opportunities. Include relevant additional information – mention the type of job you offer. Be it an internship. Part-time. Remote. Full-time. Etc. It will help search engines identify Netherlands Phone Number List the vacancy. As many people add those details in the search. For example “part-time web developer”. Keep it short – as a general rule. The job title is displayed as the page title in search results. Therefore. It should be no more than 60 characters . Be precise but attractive. Include your brand name – some job seekers may be looking for openings at a particular company. And here’s your chance to get noticed! Avoid anything that isn’t absolutely crucial to the search : anything like

Committed to team culture” or “great opportunity” should be out of the title and into the job description. Also. Use google trends to check data on the volume of certain keyword searches to choose the correct wording for the job title . It will be helpful to check hr trends across multiple regions and languages Netherlands Phone Number List ​​to improve your chances of finding a candidate faster. It may happen that the same work is fashionable in one area and not very popular in another. For example. In the screenshot below. You can see that web developer jobs are surprisingly more interesting to utah residents. If you hire remote

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Developers. You can consider paid advertising for precisely that state. This will lower your cost per click in google ads and increase your chances of attracting job seekers who are actively Netherlands phone number interested in your position. Organic positioning search organically create a unique job description when you’re looking for someone for a less important position. You may be tempted to copy a competitor’s job description and not be original. Ethical issues aside. It’s a huge loss seo-wise because search engines don’t like plagiarism

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And downgrade those pages accordingly. You can take a look at some ideas of how other hr write their job descriptions. But always aim for a single description. To check if the job Netherlands Phone Number List description you post is unique. You can use copyscape or grammarly . One of the most important signals for search engines to position a page. Either at the top or in the last results. Is the behavior patterns of those who arrive at the page. If search engines see that people close the page immediately. Don’t read it. And click the

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Apply to this job” button much less than other similar pages. That’s a strong signal to a search engine that this page is wrong. It is less relevant and consequently they demote it in the ranking. As reported in an indeed survey . 52% of candidates asked about the influence of the job description said it was Netherlands Phone Number List very or extremely influential. The general advice is to try to make the job description interesting enough to read. Scroll through. And be willing to apply. Let’s see it in more details: describe the job in plain language . Don’t speak in a typical neutral corporate tone.


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