At this stage of marketing and sales digitalization, your employees have understood that this is an essential project. Your employees Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List the challenges arising from the digitization of your company? What efforts will they have to put in place to meet them successfully? This questioning will result in two humanly natural behaviors: Bargaining; Bargaining – your people are ready to do what you ask them as part of your digitalization but impose conditions. Ok, I’m up to using your CRM, but I’d rather do it like this and like that! I want marketing to manage my prospects who are not mature enough.

But I want to keep an eye on all the emails they send! You get the idea. The question of salary can also arise at this stage of digitization. Here, it is essential to be flexible while not cutting back on what is essential for successful marketing and sales digitalization. Depression – your employees are becoming aware of the changes generated by digitization and that their daily lives will never be the same again. It’s very hard to take, don’t you think? Whether it’s for salespeople or marketing, having to break your habits is painful. In this questioning phase, you must reassure your employees and show them that they are capable. This mainly involves training.

The questioning phase

You must train your employees on the new tools you are implementing and on the new strategies you are deploying. The success of your marketing and sales digitalization inevitably requires the implementation of a training plan. If you have an HR department, they will suggest it to you and take it in hand. If you don’t have HR, I strongly recommend that you get support from an agency specializing in marketing and sales digitalization. Like us. Would you like to be supported in the marketing and sales digitalization of your company? Let’s talk about it! If you do the job well here, the morale of your employees will rise again. Comes the phase of remobilization!


The remobilization phase. Is the hardest part of your marketing and sales digitalization behind you? Yes and no! The remobilization phase is a strategic phase that is however too neglected by companies who think that everything is now fine. During the remobilization, your employees have become fully aware of the importance of your digitalization, regain confidence and begin to invest. It’s great but it’s still very fragile … Depression is still lurking. Management plays a key role here: it is vital that you monitor the performance of your employees and focus on success. The mistake not to make here is to share your doubts with your teams about generating revenue. You have sales pressure, that’s natural.

They doubt themselves mainly

Your marketing and sales digitalization must be profitable, your credibility depends on it. Yes, but you are aware that return on investment is a medium / long-term affair in the context of digitization. You have to be patient and find other reasons for satisfaction to strengthen the commitment of your employees. Here, it is essential to have defined precise objectives and performance indicators to be monitored regularly upstream of your marketing and sales digitalization. Hence the importance of having worked on a documented strategy as seen at the beginning of the article. The ROI of your marketing and sales digitalization is not limited to turnover! To strengthen marketing motivation, you can highlight the improvement.

In the volume of visitors drawn to your website and the number of leads generated. For the sales rep, you can highlight the conversion rate or the number of sales opportunities sent. The quality of your reporting is the key to getting through this remobilization phase. The mistake not to make here is to go back. Let me explain. A few years ago, I was working in an IT SME. I initiated the marketing and commercial digitalization of this company through the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy. I was clear on how long my actions would take to generate revenue. However, the management, under daily pressure, asked me after only a few weeks to reintegrate traditional marketing actions into my missions.

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