Mass emailing. Email Marketing remains the most effective marketing lever to convert qualified prospects into customers. However, the New Zealand Phone Number List around 20 commercial emails every day. In this situation, to attract and retain the attention of the buyer, it is essential to send them personalized e-mails corresponding precisely to their needs and their position in the buying process. Now, how do you want to be relevant in your emails if you send the same to everyone? Telemarketing. Telemarketing proved to be a very effective lever in the 90s and 2000s. However, today, did you know that only 1% of cold calls generate a qualified B2B appointment?

If you’ve been working with a telemarketing company – or if your salespeople indulge in the joys of phoning – you’ve most certainly been disappointed with the leads generated. In a previous life, I had the opportunity to recontract leads transmitted by telemarketing companies: I can no longer count the times when the interlocutor did not show up for an appointment and never gave a sign of life. . If telemarketing is losing its effectiveness, the reason is quite simple. The buyer prefers to conduct his purchasing reflection on his own: he realizes that he has a problem to solve, he identifies and compares the solutions available to him, he chooses the one he considers the best and finally seeks to validate.

Reason For Avoiding The Outdated Marketing

That he made the right choice. Only then does the buyer agree to get in touch (or get in touch himself) with a salesperson! Telemarketing ignores this buying process and consists of calling as many businesses as possible: waste of time, waste of money and loss of opportunity. The showcase site. A few years ago, it was enough to have a website to be well referenced on Google. But that was before ! Having a website to simply present your company, your offer and put a contact form is no longer useful. First, you need a minimum of pages for a website to be well referenced on Google, and therefore visible. Your website should also be updated regularly.


The internet and social media have profoundly altered buyer behavior and expectations, giving marketing a central role in generating leads and acquiring new customers. As a marketing director in an innovative company, to carry out this mission successfully, you must overcome 7 major challenges. We are witnessing a real paradigm shift: information is now in the hands of a buyer who now conducts most of his buying thinking alone. The buyer uses Google to find solutions to his need or problem. He compares them in a few clicks, matures his thinking based on the content he consults and chooses the solution he deems most relevant. It is only from this moment that the buyer enters (or agrees to enter) in contact with a salesperson.

Here Are Some Outdated Marketing Actions To Avoid In B2B

In this situation, marketing must play a central role in generating qualified leads and fueling their thinking . To do it successfully, as a marketing director in an innovative company, you must overcome 7 challenges. Identify and reach the right decision maker Providing an innovative solution gives you a huge competitive advantage. However, to fully exploit it, it is still necessary to know to whom to put it forward. However, for an innovative company which, by definition, offers a new product, it is not always easy to define who is the right decision-maker in the target structure: the CEO? The commercial director? Computer science ? The DAF? In this situation, it is essential to very precisely define your Marketing Personas in order to set up the optimal marketing strategy.

Get the attention of a target who doesn’t understand you. This challenge is the raison d’être of our agency. As a marketing director in an innovative company, you are bound to face this challenge. Your product is so new that your target does not suspect its existence or. At best, does not fully understand its uses and value. added. At a time when the buyer conducts the major part of his purchase thinking alone, you must do everything possible to attract his attention during his research on the Internet. But how do you do this since there is no chance that the buyer will search for you directly? The challenge here is to identify the problems.

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