While Aunt Sally may not be the Phone Number trusted local authorities with a large digital and broadcast audience, she is trusted in her own circle. According to a Nielsen report, 83% of people trust recommendations from someone they know. If sally shares your client’s facebook post. Or ted, a former colleague links to your. Client’s article in his linkedin post. Third-party syndication is happening on a micro but powerful level.

Chances Are That if Sally and Ted Find the Content Posted

on your client’s circles interesting or Phone Number relevant, in the first place, it will also result in an increasing reshare of potential and organic traffic to your client’s social accounts and website. in like manner, Event hosting While a large conference, workshop, or in-person event may not be feasible, that shouldn’t stop brands from getting creative and leveraging this traditional PR tactic in an online space.

Virtual Events Can Always Help Brands Gain Exposure,

Phone Number

increase website traffic, and reward Phone Number current customers. Refer your client’s host for a free one-hour session per month. They can virtually recreate a community town hall to get feedback and exchange ideas or develop a skill with a guest expert via video call. The event must have great value for attendees beyond just a sales pitch for a product or service. The session should always end with a clear and concise call to action to ensure your client achieves their goals.

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