Investing in creating a sales funnel to nurture the leads you’ve generated suggests that you’re thinking about more than racking up single-product sales. You’re thinking about your customers. How you can support them. And how you can help them make decisions – and that’s the kind of thing a business does. Certainly. These aren’t the only questions that’ll distinguish Jiangxi Phone Number between business and product. However. If you look at the underlying thinking found in the answers above. It should ultimately become clear which side of the coin your company falls on. 

What to do if: you have a product. But you want a business now. Let’s say you’ve got a single product. But you want to become a business in order to take advantage of some of the benefits highlighted above. Here’s what you need to do. Following the classic “ ws” of Jiangxi Phone Number traditional journalism: decide on your main overall mission. This will guide every product. Process. And service that you provide in the future. Remember that mission statements are declarative of value-propositions. (who and why?) identify the business processes that you will put in place to provide the value you propose. (how?) determine and design the best products that can channel this value. 

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What?) plan out the optimal strategy for continuous delivery of products and services. (when and where?) if you’re stuck figuring out what your value proposition is. Ask yourself. “what problem am I trying to solve with my product?” chances are you can extrapolate that single challenge into a broader business model. Expanded with different products. Channels Jiangxi phone number of distribution. Target consumers and more. What to do if: you’re not ready for a business if you’re not ready to jump into building a full-blown business. You can still apply some of these foundational business principles to your current product to ensure its success. Instead of determining an overall mission. Just declare the value-proposition of your product. 

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What needs are being met by the product? How is the product alleviating pain points? Next. Make sure the product is designed to optimally provide the value you’ve just defined. If it’s an ebook. Is it in the correct format? Can it include supplemental materials? Jiangxi Phone Number Does it lack any information or insight? Can it be further researched? If it’s a service. Does the format help customers? Does it provide a “bookended” benefit (meaning. Its main value ends with the service). Or does it provide ongoing benefits? Plan out the optimal strategy for product awareness and delivery. 

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Do you need a lead magnet? Can you utilize paid ads?  you garner some free publicity? Can you hook into specific communities online? Figure out what you need to do to get your product into the hands of people that need it – then do it! Wrap whether you have a Jiangxi Phone Number business or a product. Never forget that consumers seek real value. Your goal should always be to provide that value. Who knows. If all you have is a product right now. You may eventually be able to transform your offering into a fully-fledged business that protects your financial position by delivering continuous value for your audience.

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