Refine your idea and articulate how it is different from what else is on offer. There are many literary podcasts out there. And so the garret focused on interviewing the best writers about the craft of writing – not emerging writers. And not great writers talking about their latest book. Identify your audience Malta Phone Number if you don’t know your audience. You won’t reach them. Who do you want to listen? How will you reach them? What other podcasts do they listen to? Why will they listen to you? The garret launched season 1 with melbourne’s literary community in mind. With social media support lined up with four melbourne-based literary organisations. The goal is to expand australia wide after creating a solid core audience. 

Know your competitors don’t launch a podcast without listening to your competitors. You can always learn from others. Whether it is learning what works or what doesn’t. And Malta Phone Number once you are established. There may be opportunities to cross promote or collaborate on specific opportunities. There is plenty of competition in melbourne’s literary community. And so defining the idea in a way that did not replicate what anyone else was doing was important. Step 2: prepare pick your platform(s) and host itunes is the dominant platform by far. So don’t ignore it. 

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Once you make it to itunes. Decide if you want to expand (for example. You may also want to be on stitcher to reach those on android and blackberry). You may want to consider a host that feeds directly into itunes. The garret uses omny studio. Which feeds directly into itunes and provides tracking and Malta phone number measurement options. Set your quality benchmark equipment to record and edit podcasts is more accessible (and cheaper) than ever before. But quality still counts. Boring content will always be boring content. And terrible audio means people will stop listening. No matter how good your idea or marketing. 

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The garret edits every episode. And the boring. Muffled. Or otherwise compromised bits come out. Define responsibilities defining responsibilities ensures each episode has adequate preparation and research. The right guests and marketing. And sounds like you want it to sound. The garret defined Malta Phone Number responsibilities as hosting. Producing and editing. But there are other approaches. Develop your brand a successful podcast is like a brand. It has a personality. A certain look. Social media platforms. And a way of doing things. You will also need a tag line. The garret nurtures its developing brand. And pays special attention to creating great supporting collateral and partnering with literary influencers for social media support on twitter and facebook. 

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Develop your collateral before you launch. Have your logo and color scheme in place. Seriously. Don’t skimp on what it looks like: your podcast will be judged alongside others. The garret uses a specific font (im fell great primer sc) and color scheme (black and white. With grey accents). And publishes black Malta Phone Number and white photos. This fits the brand. But also stands out from competitors. Partner with influencers downloads matter. Especially in the first few weeks when the itunes algorithms (and google. For that matter) track activity and either highlight or bury your podcast. Partnering with relevant influencers beforehand means your podcast has support on social media.

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