Becomes MQL after having carried out X actions vis-à-vis your communications. From then on, all you have to do is Malaysia Phone Number List of messages encouraging your. A person corresponding to your ideal prospect profile. Downloads your white paper and receives a message offering 3 additional articles within 48 hours. If she clicks on one of the links in this email. 48 hours later she receives a new email offering to download a customer case. She does not click, she receives an email within a week offering her a new white paper. If this Lead has carried out all the proposed actions. It is automatically switched to MQL and sent to a sales representative.

In this example, you feed the buyer’s thinking, mature it, and pass it on to a salesperson, all automatically. Not bad is not it ? Your salespeople will appreciate it! We advise you, as we do with our clients, to carry out your Marketing Automation strategy in the form of a quarterly campaign to optimize the return on investment. A Marketing Automation campaign takes place over a period of 3 months and consists of carrying out at least the following actions for each of your ideal prospect profiles : Create a premium content offer for each of the 3 phases of the purchasing process. Create a Call-To-Action, a Landing Page and a form for each of its offers.

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The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed our access to information and its consumption, at the same time disrupting the relationship between salesperson and buyer. To adapt to this evolution and to honor your innovative positioning, here are 4 commercial prospecting strategies to stop. What could be more paradoxical than an innovative company prospecting in the old fashioned way? It may seem obvious said like that, but not a week goes by without meeting an innovative company that is leading a sales prospecting strategy worthy of the 2000s, not to say the 90s! The buyer requires you to modernize your sales prospecting strategy. Beyond a positioning issue, it is important to modernize your business prospecting strategy to meet the expectations and needs of the modern B2B buyer.


With the Internet and Social Networks, the buyer has become accustomed to carrying out most of his purchase thinking on his own and does not accept contacting a sales representative until he is ready to make a purchase decision. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web. The buyer conducts a 3-step reflection : he identifies a problem that he must resolve (Awareness), he searches for and compares the solutions available to him (Consideration), he chooses the solution he deems most relevant and seeks to validate that he made the right choice before buying (Decision). You must imperatively integrate this purchasing journey into your strategy in order to prospect properly. With this in mind, there are 4 sales prospecting methods to stop now! To prospect, stop telephone prospecting.

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In the salesperson’s panoply, the number 1 tool is the telephone. In fact, telephone prospecting remains in the minds of many executives or sales managers the most effective way to gain new customers. Unfortunately, and from experience, I can assure you that the exercise is complicated or even worse: inefficient. But you already know that, don’t you? When some prospects still answer their landline (yes yes, there are!) Many will use the pretext of a “meeting in a few minutes”, “a presentation at the end of the day on which I have not done anything yet” or a departure on vacation which arrives at the end of the week to cut short the conversation. For those who really start the conversation, they will quickly find their way into the digital world.

90% will ask you for an e-mail including a link to your site and / or a presentation of your activities. The remaining 10% agree to continue the and a minority will lead to an appointment. Did you know that only 1% of cold sales prospecting calls resulted in an appointment being made? To prospect, stop the door-to-door. Going to open random doors in the streets and business areas to meet potential prospects, that’s a commercial prospecting exercise that forges experience… but which is far from being the best way to prospect! The phrase “pick up a door” couldn’t better reflect what a day of door-to-door business prospecting looks like: Do you really think a lot of decision makers are going to give you 30 minutes, or even 1 hour, of their time?

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