Trello’s homepage copy shows you how to avoid redundancy. You’ll notice they say you can get your projects done in a fun. Flexible. And rewarding way. Using these words helps Bahamas Phone Number List  them explain the product emotionally and logically while hitting on 3 distinct benefits: enjoyment. Customization and personal fulfilment. Use transitional words and phrases transitional words and phrases can be used to connect ideas and help your writing flow. 


Pro-tip: when learning a new language. Spend some time learning transitional words. They help you sound more fluent than you actually are. And less robotic. Anyway. (see what I just did there?). There’s a long list of transitional words and phrases you can use. So here’s a small sample: words which lead to Bahamas Phone Number List an example: for example. To illustrate. As shown by words which refer to the future: next. Then. Later. Afterward words which show sequence: first/second/third. A/b/c. Lastly. Next. Then. Finally on pat flynn’s smart passive income website. You can see how he makes transitions on his about page with “in fact” and “after all.” 

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This gives the copy a conversational feel. Like he’s talking to you. And helps connect the longer chunks of text to the shorter transition paragraphs. Reduce your use of ‘that’ “that” is one of those words that’s often unnecessary (no pun intended). For example. “it’s the same guy that we saw the other day at the Bahamas phone number football game” can be changed to “it’s the same guy we saw the other day at the football game.” nclud’s copy and design are a little bonkers and epic at the same time. Take their homepage. For example. Their copy is concise and gets to point. They could have said “and radical means that we’re just getting started” – but they don’t need to. 

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Quick tip: read through your website copy and eliminate any unnecessary usage of “that.” replace long words with shorter words the longest word in the english word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Which is a kind of lung disease (ok – that example was unexpectedly depressing). Moving on… if you can ever use a short word instead of a longer version. Go for it. For example. Change utilize to use. Or instead of Bahamas Phone Number List advantageous. Use helpful. The moz about page is a perfect example of how less is more. Their page is full of short. Punchy copy instead of long. Unnecessary words. Bonus tip: this technique also works really well for infographics. Where the copy is meant to support the images. 

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Keep your sentences short the next two examples are visual in nature. Writing for print and writing for devices require two different approaches. Why? Because when we read on a screen it’s harder to track words with our eyes. So it’s important to give readers small chunks of text that are easier to digest Bahamas Phone Number List visually. Long sentences can often be broken up into smaller groups of words. For example. “superstar startup has been in business for 12 years and was founded by two former chemistry students who met during their freshmen year in college” can be “superstar startup has been in business for 12 years. The founders are two former chemistry students who met during their freshmen year in college.

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