Digitization not only allowed me to improve performance but also to meet the expectations of the modern buyer. I respect his Angola Email List buying thinking process. Besides that, I gained in working comfort. Digitization allows me to type less hard and to devote myself to the management of the most qualified and mature prospects. Your commercial digitalization goes through marketing. Implementing new tools is not enough to succeed in your commercial digitalization. As we have seen, the buyer is now more connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking. The decision-maker prefers to talk to Google rather than a salesperson. In this situation, prospecting must be done on the Internet and marketing has a key role to play here.

Concretely, marketing must put in place a digital development strategy in order to attract the attention of decision-makers online. This strategy is a Lead generation strategy. Marketing attracts qualified visitors to your website and encourages them to leave you their contact details to convert them into Leads. Marketing then feeds the reflection of these Leads to bring them to maturity, notably via Marketing Automation software. Marketing thus transmits leads that are ready to buy to the sales department. In this way, you respect the wishes of the modern buyer. That of leading alone and at your own pace – mainly on the Internet – your buying thinking. Marketing and sales alignment is essential.

The salesperson intervenes at the right time

Digitization is a great opportunity as long as the two services align to generate and process mature and qualified Leads. How do you get commerce and marketing to work together? We have dedicated a list of articles that deal with the topic of Marketing and Sales Alignment, the three major ideas of which are here: Work on a common definition of a Lead (and a good Lead! Establish common goals between marketing and sales. Set up a meeting between marketing and sales: the Smarketing meeting. In conclusion. The withdrawal from new technologies is natural but it is not a good thing. The behaviors and expectations of decision-makers have changed dramatically.


And is imperative that you adapt your commercial approach. Adopting digital tools is a good first step. It makes the sales department more efficient while meeting these expectations of the modern buyer. But that is not enough. The modern buyer is always more autonomous and connected in his purchase thinking, it is essential that you define and lead a digital marketing strategy allowing you to attract his attention on the web. To do this well, it is also vital not to neglect the management of change. Digitization will revolutionize the daily life of your team. You must support them to carry out this real business project. What if we talked about it in person?

From the start of his purchase reflection

Then, what we know for sure is that Google loves content. It is not for nothing that he has the reputation of a “Textual obsessive. So, creating content for its readers and also in order to gain places in the search engine results pages seems to be more than relevant and above all necessary. The solution, not to talk only about these products while working the product sheets, as it should be, is to create a blog and open it to other universes. We will probably talk in a “News” section of the life of the company, promotions, products, and services, but the added value of the blog will consist of other sections.

Thoughts, and chosen, in close relation with your universe to create silos by theme. This blog will capture the attention of your customers with topics that may interest them and possibly put you in the position of an expert in your industry. You will then work on several strategic elements at the same time: reputation, expertise, storytelling, and even SEO (with internal networking and writing quality content). SEO – tips from Matthieu Tran-Van. Matthieu Tran-Van – eponymous blog: “Every 5 articles you publish at home, write a guest article on a site related to your niche! Working in an SME means constantly playing the “Swiss Army Knife”. We are “in the oven and in the mill” as the saying goes.

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