To create a strategy. You would need to conduct a lot of research on who your potential audience is. Then. You need to find the best ways to reach that audience. Grab their attention. And Peru Phone Number convince them that attending your event would be worth it. Why networking events are so crucial there’s one crucial thing that needs to be said here. Living in a post digital revolution age does not. In any way. Diminish the importance of face-to-face business networking events. 

In spite of the digital age (or. Perhaps. Because of it). More people than ever prefer the face-to-face interactions that networking events offer. The research data on the importance of face-to-face network is staggering. Forbes insight. Conducted a survey on this very subject. And. An overwhelming 84 percent Peru Phone Number of the respondents stated that they prefer face-to-face meetings when it comes to establishing business relationships. When asked why they preferred in-person business meetings. Here were some of the responses: 85 percent said it builds stronger and more meaningful relationships 77 percent liked the ability to read facial expressions and body language during in-person meetings 75 percent preferred it due to the prospect of more social interactions and bonding the data is overwhelmingly in favor of face-to-face business networking events.

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 This suggests that when we think of using social media for business networking. We’re not just thinking about conducting networking through social media. We also need to come up Peru phone number with ways to use social media to boost attendance at a networking event. A networking event success story if you look around. You can find tons of examples of the success of networking events. We’ll present one of the stories here. Simply because of how inspirational it is. A networking event success story for networking events it’s about lisa wang and yin lin. Co-founders of sheworx. An organization that has helped 15.000 women reach their business goals. 

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Recognizing the gender barriers that are a huge hindrance to the success of female entrepreneurs in their respective industries. They decided to do something about it. The result was a series of sheworx100 summits that were organized to bring female entrepreneurs into contact with investors. The exercise was a Peru Phone Number stunning success. More than a quarter of attendees at the summits secured meetings with investors afterward. Today. Many female entrepreneurs making six-figure income owe their success to these summits. That’s the incredible power of networking events. The last word networking events are crucial to the success of your business. 

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Whether you want to use networking for self promotion. Like jimmy fallon. Or you want to promote a social cause. Like sheworx. Or you simply want to bring in more blog traffic from the offline world. You know what you need to do. So go through your list of contacts and start preparing a strategy to Peru Phone Number win them over. Now that you have seen how to build. Maintain and grow your business through networking events. Its time for you to apply the tips I’ve shared. If you have any questions. Leave your comment in the box below. Guest author: bill achola is a business writer who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create the right content for their business.

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