For example, it’s best to place a “Register Now” button somewhere the user will find it after reading Bahrain Email List event, not before. Tell yourself that we must at all costs prevent users from going back to take action. This is a CTA that works particularly well because it will directly affect the emotions of the visitor. The idea is to show him what he will win if he clicks on the button, but also what he risks losing if he does not convert! For example, the user will face a simple question: ” Do you want to get more traffic to your website?” “. Instead of just having “yes” and “no” in the proposal, the options will be: ” Yes, I want more traffic or No, I have enough traffic.

Reading this, the prospect stops and thinks about the opportunity they are turning down, instead of just clicking “no” to dismiss the pop-up. Below you have a real-life example of a site that caters to marketers. Obviously, they all want to know the latest trends in their industry, especially since the field of marketing is changing very quickly. In this case, it is difficult to click on the “ no ” button. Call-to-Action example optimized for click-through rate 4. In general, green and orange buttons are considered the best performing. However, it depends on your site design, industry, and audience. In all cases, the color of the CTAs must be unique. The chosen shade should stand out from your graphic charter and be used only for calls to action.

Try reverse psychology

The goal is to get your prospects to immediately identify where they need to click. Apple got it and put their calls to action here in blue on a black background to distinguish them from other elements on the page. Moreover, blue is a color found only on buttons: Call-to-Action example optimized for click-through rate 6. Add elements of the reinsurance. Sometimes all it takes is a little precision to convert visitors! Under the button, you can add an additional line of information, the purpose of which is to reassure the Internet user. This practice is common with free trials. For example, you might have a CTA that says ” Start your free trial ” and, below that, a line that says “30-day trial, no credit card required.


The fact that no payment method is requested is reassuring. This removes a psychological barrier and a brake on conversion. You can also add key figures like: ” users see a 40% increase in their results after registration ” or ” 90% of customers satisfied with our tool!” Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is a well-known and effective tip for boosting conversions. CTAs are no exception to the rule! You can set a deadline to take advantage of an offer, or even set a countdown to create even more urgency. Just make sure your call to action is right next to the time element, like here: Call-to-Action example optimized for click-through rate 10. Perform A / B tests.

Adopt a color that hits the nail on the head

If you have just created your landing page or redesigned your web design, consider conducting A / B tests. These will help you find the format, color, legend, and location that generates the most conversions. On the other hand, do not modify several elements at the same time, but compare the variables one by one. Once you’ve found the winning combo, don’t rest on your laurels. Digital uses fluctuate, as do market preferences. Always analyze the performance of your CTAs to spot (and correct) a possible drop in results. Creating an effective CTA doesn’t have to be a complex process. In many cases, the most obvious and logical option is often the best performing!

However, if your conversion rate is not up to your expectations, test several techniques First name (Sébastien), last name (Vitu), and company name (SLN Web). The sentences of my interlocutor will please all those who have already spent whole days doing telephone prospecting in the hard: Ah yes, Sébastien. I have read your articles and your white papers. It’s very interesting. We think a lot about these subjects. We have to make an appointment to talk about it. Honestly, this has been my easiest meeting date since I started this job. Not all of the calls I make to my Leads go this way. But by focusing your telephone prospecting efforts on the Leads generated by marketing.

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