For companies that have taken the Marketing. Automation step before clearly identifying their internal marketing and sales operations. The difficulties are Nauru Email List possible! Before setting up sequences and workflows – flagship features of Marketing Automation – you must describe the process as well as the objective. When we broach this subject in an operational way with our prospects and customers, we stress the importance of the alignment between the marketing department and the sales department . Indeed, the whole point of using a marketing automation tool lies in configuring the software in order to generate qualified leads, bring them to maturity and transmit them to sales representatives at the best time.
Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. The transmission of a lead from the marketing department to the sales. Department is very often the zone of all risks . A first step in documenting your internal functioning is based on the common definition of a qualified lead . Once this setting has been stopped and your process clearly documented, you can start setting up your marketing automation tool to optimize your marketing and sales efforts. Without having previously validated these 3 points, marketing automation risks diverting from its initial objectives and losing all of its internal credit . We regularly make the sad observation on the ground…! However, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing are essential.

Interview Your Customers

Communicate live. This prerequisite is therefore the extension of the previous one. To generate leads on Facebook, I highly recommend that you indulge in Live Videos. Again, this is one of my resolutions: shall we take it together? First, Facebook and social networks highlight Lives in the news feed. Then, live video allows you to interact with your community and ensure a feeling of closeness dear to the B2B buyer . Whether it’s to communicate news, present one of your products, make tutorials or even show off the backdrop, live video will undoubtedly allow you to generate leads in 2018. Analyze the performance of your actions. If you had to retain only one of the 7 prerequisites presented in this article, it would be this one.


Too many companies communicate on social networks without taking the care to analyze the performance of their actions. When they manage to generate leads, they don’t know why and therefore cannot duplicate their exploits. When it doesn’t work, there too, they don’t know why and worse, they often notice it too late. Internet and social networks, unlike traditional communication levers, allow you to analyze your actions in real time and optimize them immediately. Why deprive yourself of it? Analyzing the performance of your actions on Facebook is the best way to optimize your ROI . Do you want to generate more leads on the Internet? Take advantage of this free guide:

Live Has Many Advantages

Your technical department also has a role to play in defining your Personas since it knows exactly how your customers use your products. Here, you must therefore organize a working meeting between all the departments in contact with your prospects and customers to jointly define a common ideal customer profile . You could very well take this step before interviewing your clients, but I don’t recommend it. I noticed in my support that it was very effective to confront your employees with the information you gathered from your customers. Compile the information and create the typical portrait. You’ve done the hard part: all you have to do now is work on a file for each of your Personas by compiling all the information.
That you have aggregated with your customers and collaborators. Start by giving your Persona a name and adding a photo that will allow you to visualize it better. If you don’t feel it, you can save yourself this step since it is not beneficial for everyone. For my part, I know that making my persona. File in this way allows me to keep it in memory better. Then quickly describe your Persona’s daily life based on all of the demographic and behavioral information you’ve gathered. To finalize your Persona, list in your file all the information that will allow you to personalize and contextualize your messages  : contextualization is a strong expectation of the buyer . Ready to get started? Download our complete guide to building your persona step by step!

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