If you are having trouble reaping the rewards of your social media efforts, rest assured, you are not alone. Many Liberia Email List leads, but a few blunders often prevent them from converting the essay. To generate leads on social networks, you have to attract the attention of an increasingly independent and already over-requested buyer. The buyer is drowned in the content and is therefore always more selective. To attract the buyer and generate leads on social networks, you must publish high value-added content, adapted to the interests of your target, and help them to mature their buying thinking. Quality content on social networks must meet at least one of the following vocations: educate, solve, inform, entertain.

You do not adapt your messages to different social networks. I regularly meet B2B companies that create accounts on all social networks and then publish the same message on each of them. I clearly do not recommend you to copy/paste your posts from one social network to another, for 2 reasons: In this case, your target has no interest in following you on several social networks. Good practices are not the same according to social networks. This second point is essential: the perfect typology of publications on social networks is different from one social network to another. In addition, the expectations of your target are not the same on Facebook, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

You Do Not Meet The Expectations Of Your Target

The buyer does not go there for the same reasons and does not seek the same thing. Your message and your content must therefore be specific to each social network to generate leads. Do you want to take stock of your Social Media strategy? Take advantage of a free audit with one of our experts! You are posting at the wrong time. Getting the buyer’s attention and generating leads on social media means sending the right message at the right time. One of the rules for communicating well on social networks is to post when your target is online. To do this, use your statistics: social networks usually tell you when your fans/subscribers are most connected.


If you’re new to social media or aren’t sure where to start, I’ve posted a review of the best times to post on social media here. You don’t speak the right language. In B2B, companies have an unfortunate tendency to communicate in their own language. And clearly, it really prevents them from generating leads on social media. At the agency, we mainly support innovative companies. These companies encounter an important problem: they must attract the attention of a buyer who does not suspect the existence of their offer or, in the best case, does not understand all the uses and the added value. To attract the attention of the buyer and generate leads on social networks.

What Is The Point?

It is essential to express yourself in the language of your target and not your own. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance of being found! You are not using the right social networks. To attract the buyer, you also have to communicate in the right place. As we have seen previously, it is more interesting for you to invest in some strategic social networks rather than creating accounts everywhere and doing copy/paste or be irregular. For this, you must identify the social networks on which your target is present. To support you here, I wrote a study of the social networks on which to communicate in B2B. Your goals are unattainable. If you aren’t happy with your social media performance.

It could be because of your goals. Maybe you haven’t set goals for yourself? In this case, look no further: without an objective, you cannot define the performance indicators to follow and therefore the right actions to put in place. Another mistake I often see on social media: some B2B companies tend to set goals that are too high on social media. And there inevitably, they are disappointed! By objectives that are too high, I particularly think of deadline: transforming your social networks into a lead machine takes time, often months. Don’t make the mistake of throwing in the towel after 15 days without results! You don’t analyze your actions. To generate leads on social networks, you have to send the right message to the right person.

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