We would also like to highlight a number of articles that made our editorial heart beat faster. Again, not in order of importance. UX writing for government corona apps – An app that a broad group will use, without the users really wanting it. Find the right tone for that and write the right texts! Dave de Geus gives a look behind the scenes. 5 arguments for not aiming for text at B1 level – You hear more and more about the guideline to write texts at B1 level. But what does that mean? Marlous ten Berge wrote a startling piece about it that generated an interesting discussion and made us look at B1 from a different perspective.

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Government communication back to basics: let’s talk about our principles – There is a lot going wrong in the whole system of politics and government – ​​communication cannot be corrected. So what can communication professionals do? Renata Malaysia Phone Number proposes that they should stop chasing after administrators and the organization and – with them – should stand much more firmly in front of the citizen. So back to basics. From Black Friday to Fair Friday: luckily these brands do things differently – We now have a nice series with articles about Black Friday . In addition to tips and tactics, we also need to take a critical look at this shopping spree.

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Steff van Dorp inspired us with companies that take a slightly different approach. 10 online design trends for 2022: from 50s fonts to math diamonds – Désirée Battjes has been predicting online design trends for 10(!) years. And every year with humor and flair! A real joy to read and watch. This year she wrote the article with colleague Roel van der Geest and she discusses, among other things, f*ck-you fluor and the revival of the QR code. Top 3 video & podcasts How does Instagram’s algorithm work? What is the ‘secret sauce’ for successful customer contact? And what does Triodos Bank focus on in their marketing strategy? From tutorial to in-depth talk, the top 3 videos (which also include 2 podcasts) is diverse:

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