E-commerce is sometimes seen by merchants as the devil: “if the shops are empty, it’s because of the Internet. What if e-commerce Estonia WhatsApp Number List seized? Here are 5 reasons to open your e-commerce store!

As a merchant, your catchment area is quite small. You may offer the best products in the world, offer impeccable service, it is difficult for a merchant to go beyond the borders of his city. What if an e-commerce store was the solution?

Thanks to a good Inbound Marketing strategy and good natural referencing, your visibility on the internet, your e-commerce store will attract a significant volume of potential customers: from your region, your country or even the whole world!

To fully understand the challenge of an e-commerce store for a merchant, I offer you this article which presents how the Ethno Shop store today exploits this new lever, how this merchant sets up Inbound Marketing to attract more customers on its e-commerce store .

E-commerce to meet the demands of your customers
The number of internet buyers is constantly increasing. The behavior of your consumers has changed and you have obviously noticed.

Today, your customers consult information on the internet before making their purchasing decision and do not hesitate to order directly from an e-commerce store.

Do you want to expand outside of your city? You will have to open new points of sale, hire new people, without any guarantee of success.

With e-commerce, costs are very low: with CMS like Prestashop, you have the possibility of creating your e-commerce store for free in a few clicks!

E-commerce offers more business options
By opening your e-commerce store, you will be able to offer more products and will not be restricted by the size of your business.

E-commerce To Reach New Customers

In addition, you are also going to offer more choices to consumers who remain very fond of unique products, which cannot be found in large retailers.

It is your strength. As a merchant, you can offer products that cannot be found elsewhere. With an e-commerce store, you offer this to all Internet users.

E-commerce is less competitive
It may seem paradoxical. There are more competitors on the Internet than in your city, of course. But there are also a lot more customers! In 2015, there were more than 36 million Internet buyers in France ! With a good Inbound Marketing strategy and good SEO , you will undoubtedly attract new customers.

You offer quality products and if today consumers buy from the big brands of the web, it is quite simply because you are not there.


Open an e-commerce store to take it up a notch
In my opinion, e-commerce is too often demonized by traders. However, opening your e-commerce store is a great opportunity to expand your catchment area and gain new market share without investing astronomical sums.Virtual reality is growing rapidly, but the concept is still unclear for most of us. What is virtual reality? What is the benefit of virtual reality for your brand? How can you integrate virtual reality into your communication strategy?

What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality is a great concept! How can a reality be virtual? How can a virtual situation become a reality? Beware of the neural mesh!

In fact, the definition of virtual reality is quite simple: virtual reality is a technology allowing the user to immerse himself in a more or less fictitious world. This technology takes the form of a blackout helmet, covering your entire field of vision.

E-commerce Is Less Expensive

Concretely, with a virtual reality headset , you have the possibility of immersing yourself in a video game, a film, a situation or even a place (you can for example visit Rome from your sofa!).

There are different types of virtual reality headset: from a simple cardboard cardboard to the Oculus Rift, virtual reality is accessible to all budgets.

Virtual reality, a challenge for brands
In the age of the internet, social media and smartphones, visual content takes a preponderant place in communication.

The democratization of virtual reality headsets – experts estimate that the virtual reality market will represent more than $ 1 billion in 2016 – is an opportunity to boost your communication without any comparison.

Virtual reality can allow you to stand out from the competition by offering your customers, prospects and partners the opportunity to live new experiences.

Used well, virtual reality allows you to communicate in a more creative and therefore more engaging way. You are wondering how, here are 5 uses of virtual reality for your brand.

5 reasons to integrate virtual reality into your communication strategy
Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but some companies are now skilfully seizing this opportunity. What if you too harnessed the full potential of virtual reality?

Virtual reality, to (re) discover your brand
Virtual reality is a great opportunity to convey your brand values, which can sometimes seem very abstract to your customers and partners.

Tag Heuer claims a sensational brand image: precision, innovation and speed constitute the Tag Heuer brand. But how can you convey your values ​​through traditional communication media?

To solve this equation, Tag Heuer called on the 909c agency to offer its customers and partners a unique virtual reality experience on the occasion of BaselWolrd2016, a major trade fair in the field of watchmaking.

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