Lead generation is a major issue for the B2B marketing manager. In this quest, you may be tempted to operate various levers. Some are good and some are not so good. How to sort? Here are the false good Oman Email List generating leads. You have a new unread message. It is the commercial manager who asks you for an interview as soon as possible. Why this meeting? He wants to know how the marketing department can generate more leads to supply his salespeople with fresh contacts. Lead generation is a great challenge for the marketing department and a real source of revenue for your salespeople and therefore for the company.

To generate more leads for the sales department, here are the false good ideas to avoid and the really good ideas to put in place now! Use a teleprospecting company. This is perhaps the first bad instinct when it comes to the topic of lead generation. This practice sounds very “90s” and does not meet the expectations of the modern buyer who wants to think about his purchase on his own. Making more calls on a larger contact base can lead to more appointments in the absolute. But of what quality? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard our customers and prospects complain about the very low signing rate of leads from a tele-prospecting subcontractor.

False good ideas for generating leads

And I’m not even talking about the number of meetings that never actually took place….! Advertise in the media. And why not invest in online advertising? For a modest envelope of a few hundred euros, you can invest in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Sponsored Tweets. Yes, but creating and launching an optimized campaign on these online tools cannot be improvised. Investing more money on these platforms does not necessarily equate to lead generation. To start well on Adwords, you need the right reflexes. It same thing for a successful Facebook campaign. Additionally, by investing in lead generation media advertising, when your investments are over, lead generation will come to a screeching halt.


The cost of a lead can then be significant and fleeting. Is this really what you want? Please note that emailing is only effective if the recipients of your emails have given their consent to receive them. In this specific case, if your contacts already know you, they are not leads. To generate leads with emailing, it would therefore be necessary to send emails to unknown contacts. There is only one solution for this: buy contact files. Ineffective, expensive, and above all very strongly discouraged or even banned recently: Practical guide to raising awareness of the GDPR for SMEs by the CNIL. If you want to generate leads with emailing, you are on the wrong track.

Send Emails to generate leads

Come on, we stop with the false good ideas or the really bad ideas and we move on to actions that pay! New call-to-action. Real good ideas for generating leads. Create content. This is a theme that we have addressed many times on our blog. Once is not customary, content creation is the basis of lead generation. What type of content to create? How many words are in my content? Do I have to create a blog to feed my site with content? and many other very good questions that we have already answered in our blog. As we are nice, we give you the links that answer all these questions. The best content to generate leads.

The number of words in your blog posts. 4 reasons to create a Blog. And we even give you some answers! In a nutshell, the content you create on your website to generate leads should answer the questions your Persona is asking. When your Persona searches online, they find you and become a visitor to your website. Over time, your content improves your natural referencing, your natural referencing brings you more visits and your visits generate more Leads. Content creation is therefore a great idea to generate Leads over time. Configure a “fast” conversion tunnel on your website. On average, we have more than 30,000 visits per month to the SLNWeb.net site.

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